Icade's 2020 Half-year Results

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23 November 2020

Press Release - Investor Meeting

On the occasion of its Investor Meeting, Icade reaffirms the strength of its fundamentals and outlines its short- and medium-term outlook.

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6 November 2020

The Corporate Forum on Sustainable Finance gets involved

Almost two years after its launch at the beginning of 2019, the 22 European companies participating in the Corporate Forum on Sustainable Finance (CFSF) as part of their commitment to the sustainability transition are taking stock of theprogress they have made and of the growth of the sustainable finance market, which represents over US $1,000bn insustainable bond issues worldwide. Current health and economic challenges have reinforced their conviction that finance has a crucial role to play in supporting projects that make a positive social and environmental impact.

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5 November 2020

Icade Santé acquires the real estate of the Navarre polyclinic

In connection with the Gaucher group selling the operation of two polyclinics (Navarre and Marzet) located in Pau to Groupe Bordeaux Nord Aquitaine (GBNA), Icade Santé acquired the real estate of the Navarre polyclinic. As a result, Icade Santé signed two new 12-year leases with GBNA. One relates to the newly acquired Navarre facility and the other to the Marzet polyclinic owned by Icade Santé since 2007.

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