Stay alert. Icade alerts you to the existence of fraudulent canvassing carried out by people impersonating Icade.

We draw your attention to the existence of fraudulent canvassing using the names ICADE, ICADE PROMOTION or the names of employees of these companies. This canvassing is similar to a scam on the marketing of financial products or services, car parks in airports or abroad.

Neither ICADE, nor ICADE PROMOTION offers such investments and does not market or mandate third parties to market goods of this nature in France or abroad.

We urge you to be extremely careful and to check that the properties offered to you are present on the ICADE websites (, and that your contact person has an address compliant email, ending with Malicious individuals could use a similar address to deceive you.

If in doubt, you can also go to our contact page.
If you identify a scam or if you are the victim of such fraud, we invite you to file a complaint as soon as possible against these alleged sellers and/or to report these actions on the official website for reporting illegal content at the following address:

You can also contact Info Escroqueries on +33 (0) 805 805 817 (green number and freephone). »