Icade respects your privacy and this policy summarizes how we use cookies and other trackers. This cookie policy is an integral part of our Privacy Policy. This policy aims to provide you with complete information so that you can express your consent or not to the storage of the various cookies that Icade and its partners place on the various sites for which Icade acts as data controller.

What do we mean by "cookies" or "trackers"?

A cookie is a small file stored by a server in the terminal (computer, telephone, etc.) of a user and associated with a web domain (that is to say in most cases to all the pages from the same website). This file is automatically returned on subsequent contacts with the same domain.

Cookies have multiple uses: they can be used to memorize your customer ID with a merchant site, the current content of your shopping cart, the language of the web page, an identifier allowing you to track your navigation to statistical or advertising purposes, etc.

There are several categories of cookies, which include:

  • "Necessary" internal cookies allow information to be saved between two visits to the same website on the same device. They allow you to save a shopping cart, login credentials or even interface customization elements. They do not require user consent.
  • "Statistical" cookies are used to track the actions of a user on a website. When the statistics are anonymous (that is, cannot identify a person), the user's consent is not required.
  • "Internal" or "first-party" cookies are placed by the website. They can be placed in addition to the necessary cookies and can be used to collect personal data, track user behavior and be used for advertising purposes.
  • “Third party” cookies are cookies placed by (or for) a site B (often an advertising agency) on a site A: this allows site B to see which pages have been visited on site A by a user and to collect information about him.

What are the purposes of cookies that are strictly necessary for browsing one of our sites?

These cookies do not require your consent. Indeed, they are considered strictly essential to your navigation.

The deposit of cookies essential for the proper functioning of the site allows us:

  • The management and collection of your consent for the deposit of cookies requiring it;
  • Easy and secure navigation on the site;
  • The resolution of bugs and performance issues;
  • Adapting the display of the site to your use and updating new features;
  • The display of videos, chat and maps when this service is set up on the site visited.

We draw your attention to the purposes imposed by the publishers of the following cookies. These cookies allow us strictly necessary use, but have the immediate consequence of allowing the pursuit of targeted audience measurements or advertising, for the exclusive benefit of these publishers. Icade cannot dissociate the strictly necessary use from that pursued by these publishers.

What are the purposes when you consent to the deposit of trackers on your terminal?

Some trackers require your consent. These trackers meet two purposes that we pursue. These are audience measurement cookies and targeted advertising cookies.

Audience measurement cookies allow us:

  • The generation of visitor statistics useful for improving the site.
  • Performance monitoring

Targeted advertising cookies allow us:

  • Measuring the conversion of an advertisement

What is the storage period for cookies placed on one of our sites?

Strictly necessary cookies, although some of them are deleted after your visit to one of our sites, are deleted from your terminal after a period of not exceeding 6 months.

Audience measurement cookies are stored on your terminal for a period not exceeding 13 months.

The cookies allowing us to offer you personalized content (targeted advertising) are stored on your device for a period not exceeding 6 months.

Some cookies may result in the collection of data qualified as personal data by Article 4 of Regulation No. 2016/679 known as the "General Data Protection Regulation" (GDPR). This presence of personal data has the consequence of granting you rights. For more information, you can consult our data protection policy.

How can I permanently object to the placement of cookies?

You can configure your browser to delete or block cookies on your device.
If you refuse the saving of cookies in your terminal, or if you delete those which are saved there, you will no longer be able to benefit from a certain number of functions which may be necessary to navigate in certain areas of our site.

If necessary, we decline all responsibility for the consequences related to the degraded experience of our services resulting from our inability to save or consult the cookies strictly necessary for the operation of the site.

How to contact our DPO ?

You may contact our Data Protection Officer by sending an email, accompanied by a proof of identity, to the following address: dpo@icade.fr or by postal mail to: DPO ICADE Promotion - Immeuble Open - 27, rue Camille Desmoulins - CS 10166 - 92445 Issy-les-Moulineaux Cedex, France. If we have reasonable doubts about your identity and if the situation requires it, we might ask you for additional information, which could include a photocopy of an identity document bearing the holder’s signature.

You may also lodge a complaint with the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) if you believe that the processing of your personal data has infringed upon your right to data protection (https://www.cnil.fr/fr/plaintes).

Policy modification

We can update this policy at any time. If we make material changes to the way we treat your personal information or to this policy, we will notify you through our site or by other means, such as email.

We invite you to periodically review this policy for the latest information on our privacy practices.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

This policy is governed by French law and any dispute concerning it will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts.