“Les Promenades de la Rade” project in Toulon

With its 23 regional locations, Icade Promotion develops office and housing projects as well as major public and healthcare facilities. Icade also offers its expertise in urban planning.
Our ambition is to develop green, smart and responsible cities and to respond to new urban practices and lifestyles.

A leading player in property development

Boasting expertise across the entire property value chain, Icade Promotion – a wholly owned subsidiary of Icade – supports its customers (individuals, local authorities and institutional players) through all of their projects. 

Our projects are co-designed and sometimes co-constructed in partnership with cities, investors and future users.

Icade Promotion works on residential and service-sector building projects across France

Residential: programmes of new collective housing and student, senior-citizen and intergenerational accommodation. 

Service sector: offices, hotels, and major public and healthcare facilities. Icade Promotion also offers delegated project management, in particular for Icade’s Commercial Property Investment division.

A responsible and committed developer for resilient, sustainable cities

Icade Promotion has set itself ambitious goals for its carbon footprint. 

As such, Icade takes account of the overall carbon impact of its projects in both the construction and operating stage (for a 50-year period). A carbon performance modelling tool has been created to help operational staff make the best choices (materials, type of equipment, etc.). Because every project is unique, teams of specialists are assembled to manage the project. Icade is also developing a ‘low-carbon lab’ to assess for each project the investment required for different levels of carbon performance and to provide financial support to improve that performance.

Icade Promotion is also committed to building using wood. In 2018, the annual target of five wood buildings was exceeded, with a total of six constructed.    

As part of the Low Carbon by Icade strategy, Icade Promotion aims to reduce carbon intensity by 41% per m² between 2019 and 2030. To achieve this objective, several solutions have been implemented:

  • Improve the building envelope and use bioclimatic architecture
  • Use low-carbon, bio-sourced and re-used materials
  • Install energy efficient equipment
  • Use renewable energy sources

New low-carbon offers have been launched by Icade Promotion such as Urbain des Bois, a subsidiary dedicated to wood construction and AfterWork, a new offer dedicated to the redevelopment of tertiary assets.

Offers to meet current challenges

AfterWork by Icade

AfterWork by Icade is a redevelopment initiative for tertiary assets, led by a dedicated team within Icade Promotion.

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At Home Naturally

French people's expectations of their homes and their environment have never been higher: more than a social trend, it's a reflection of their growing concern for the environment.

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One tree, one inhabitant

With "One tree, one inhabitant", Icade undertakes for each of its projects to plant 3 times more trees than housing.

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Expertise to meet new expectations

Synergies urbaines by icade
  • City of the future

Synergies Urbaines by Icade

Designing neighbourhoods for the city of the future

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Urbain des Bois

Urbain des Bois is a subsidiary of Icade Promotion based on three pillars: low-carbon projects, consultation on the project at the neighborhood level and the hyper-personalization of housing.

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  • Healthcare
  • Programmation
  • Assistance à Maîtrise d'Ouvrage

Sale of AMO and Expertise Santé activities

Icade Promotion has sold its Project Management and Health Expertise business to the Oteis Group, a major player in consulting and engineering in France, active in the building, water, environment and infrastructure sectors, in consulting, project management assistance and project management. This sale, effective 30 June 2023, will enable Icade Promotion to refocus on its development business and the AMO and Expertise Santé business to continue its development by remaining as close as possible to its customers and their projects. For more information on Oteis' activities, please visit its website.

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A 100% digital developer

Our customers’ changing lifestyles have an impact on what they expect from their homes. To respond to these changes, Icade is implementing innovative concepts built around the future of housing, with one goal in mind: to address the expectations of future buyers, in line with new lifestyles.

  • A digital and personalised customer experience

    To follow up with the customers throughout their residential experience, the Housing Development division has set up a 100% digital pathway. It offers future buyers the chance to sign a digital reservation contract in a sales location or reserve their property directly online, track the progress of their property and customise the interior of their future home. 

    The Icade&Moi personalised Customer Area allows customers to receive regular updates on the progress of their project, view documentation on their future property and make appointments online, and makes it easy for them to contact Icade advisors via the in-built messaging system.

  • Automatically handle construction issues

    Icade offers a mobile app that simplifies the customer relationship during site visits and makes identifying issues easier by offering customers a dedicated space to declare any potential concerns and monitor their progress.

  • Connected and smart homes

    For more comfort, security and savings, Icade homes are designed with smart objects in mind, including immediate access to super-fast internet via fibre-optic cable installed in the building, high-quality internet in living spaces and bedrooms (RJ45 sockets) and a home automation pack available as standard or an optional extra, depending on the range of services.

Building closer relationships with customers through Icade Store

A prototype of the future of real estate, IcadeStore is a truly next-gen showroom. Offering information, advice and sales in a single space, it includes a demonstration area and a library of materials, both of which are designed to simplify the buying process and create a richer customer experience. In this concept store, Icade offers a continuous and mobile digital experience for a smooth and fully optimised buying process. 

The ranges of services and materials offered meet the needs of a wide range of purchasers and investors (public housing, homebuyers, investors, etc.). They combine everyday comfort with aesthetics and a wide range of décor options.

A developer working with the best architects

The projects that we offer to local authorities are designed to co-create a harmonious, bold city that is respectful of its history. To do this, we choose renowned architects and prime contractor partners who are conscious of cities’ needs.

Property development revenue

€1,29 Bn

Number of unit reservation in 2023

5 256

Backlog on Dec. 31st, 2023

€1.84 Bn

Decrease in the carbon intensity of grey energy (construction stage) between 2019 and 2023


Our projects

Résidence Wood'Art- La Canopée - Toulouse (31) - Architectes : Dietrich Untertrifaller / Maître Cube / Seuil Architecture
  • Housing
  • CSR
  • Services
  • Hotel
  • Wood

Wood’Art-La Canopée Complex

Woodstone - Ilot 8.12 - Février 2021
  • Housing
  • Bordeaux (33)
  • Wood
  • Revegetation
  • Amenities

Woodstone – Îlot 8.12