Icade employees in our headquarters.

The property sector is undergoing profound changes, and is faced with the growing impact of new technology and changing ways of living and working. To support and anticipate these trends, Icade relies on the agility and engagement of its employees and supports them in their career paths.
Icade strives to offer its teams – who are at the heart of the company’s success – an increasingly collaborative and stimulating working environment and to give them the tools to help them develop their professional expertise. Icade’s social policy also focuses closely both on work-life balance and on diversity.

The percentage of employees who received training in 2018


The percentage of managers who have a CSR innovation target in their individual roadmap


The percentage of young people aged under 26 recruited on permanent contracts in 2018


The percentage of young people aged under 26 recruited on permanent contracts in 2018


Our commitments

  • Developing employees’ skills and increasing Icade’s appeal

    In keeping with changes to professions and the emergence of more dynamic and collaborative ways of working, Icade strives to offer a transformational and motivating career path to all employees. This is based on an active skills development policy and on measures designed to promote internal mobility. This goal is reflected in a number of mechanisms, including annual performance reviews, career meetings, professional training programmes, entrepreneurship support, and more. Icade is diversifying its recruitment sources via staff referral campaigns, a dedicated chatbot on Facebook and an Employee Advocacy programme.

  • Building better quality of life at work

    As a key stakeholder in the service property sector, Icade is fully aware of the close link between employees’ working environment and their well-being. That’s why it has implemented an active process to improve its employees’ quality of life at work and their health. To achieve this, the company is rolling out new open and flexible workspaces that encourage efficiency but also collaboration and creativity. They promote a healthy work-life balance through the development of new ways of working such as remote working. Through its Meet’Icade initiative, the company invites employees to meet to take part in cultural and sporting events. To measure the impact of these well-being at work measures, Icade has signed a partnership with a start-up, Wittyfit. And to take things even further, Icade is backing the OsmoZ label from certification body Certivéa, which is based on a process of assessing quality of life at work. In 2018, Icade’s headquarters, Open, became the first service-sector building to receive the OsmoZ label.

  • Promoting diversity of all kinds

    Icade sees diversity as a source of social cohesion, performance and innovation within the company. A diversity officer strives to implement a process of continuous improvement, focusing on gender equality, the integration of people with disabilities, intergenerational relations and the inclusion of young people who have been excluded from the workforce.


Committed employees through the “Icade solidarity” programme

Icade employees make an active contribution to its CSR policy, and through a range of specific measures, they are encouraged to work with charities – skills sponsorship, solidarity leave and solidarity days, charity fundraising, working in partnership with the Nos quartiers ont des talents charity, and more.


Young colleagues involved in the company strategy

In order to attract and retain talented young people, Icade offers them the chance to join its Graduate Programme to tackle an innovative project. The Y Board, which is composed of employees aged under 35, contributes to discussions on strategic issues, and the G30 works on the boom in innovative solutions within Icade Promotion.


Next-generation workspaces

By launching the Open ID project, Icade has chosen to roll out a single approach, beginning with its own headquarters before extending it across the entire country. Throughout this project, the focus has been on creating open, flexible working spaces, co-working spaces and relaxation areas, and on integrating remote working, new digital communication tools, and more.


Improving health at work

At HQ, employees benefit from a comprehensive healthcare area that includes an H4D smart medical station (offering remote medical appointments and autonomous health check-ups) and a range of other services (osteopathy, massages, etc.).