The property sector is undergoing profound changes, and is faced with the growing impact of new technology and changing ways of living and working. To support and anticipate these trends, Icade relies on the agility and engagement of its employees and supports them in their career paths.
Icade strives to offer its teams – who are at the heart of the company’s success – an increasingly collaborative and stimulating working environment and to give them the tools to help them develop their professional expertise. Icade’s social policy also focuses closely both on work-life balance and on diversity.

Rating 2022 on the gender equality index created by the French Ministry of Labour, Employment and Economic Inclusion

96 / 100

Proportion of employees having received CSR training

95 %

Proportion of employees having had the opportunity to participate in a community event in 2022

100 %

Proportion of the work-study trainees in the workforce in 2022

7 %

Our commitments

  • Developing employee skills and agility

    In line with new business trends and work practices which have become more dynamic and collaborative, Icade aims to offer its employees a stimulating career path with opportunities for advancement. Such a career path is based on an active policy of promoting the development of employee skills whose objectives are: to support new ways of working and to develop managerial practices, to anticipate the evolution of business skills, to develop cross-functional skills and to encourage sharing through the development of a network of internal trainers, and finally to raise awareness and engage employees in terms of CSR and business ethics. These objectives are achieved through various means, namely annual performance reviews, career interviews, professional training programmes, intrapreneurial support, etc.

  • Improving the quality of working life and promoting employee well-being

    As a major office property player, Icade is well aware of the close relationship between working conditions and employee well-being. As a result, the Company has created open, flexible workspaces that promote efficiency, teamwork and creativity. Work-life balance is achieved through the development of remote work. To measure the impact of these initiatives on workplace well-being, Icade has entered into a partnership with the start-up Wittyfit. Icade’s Open headquarters was the first service sector building to receive the OsmoZ label.

  • Promoting diversity in all its forms

    Icade considers diversity a source of social cohesion, performance and innovation. A diversity officer ensures the implementation of a continuous progress approach by focusing on gender equality, the integration of people with disabilities, age diversity and the inclusion of young people struggling with unemployment. As a result, initiatives such as the signing of the pact with the neighborhoods for all companies, promoting the employment of people from the City's Priority Neighborhoods (CPN) or the involvement of Icade employees in actions in favor of young people from the CPNs have been put in place.

  • A committed disability policy

    Icade created Mission Handicap in 2009 with the aim of providing individual support to employees with disabilities. 

    A dedicated diversity policy officer assists employees on a daily basis by promoting their continued employment, taking account of disabilities in the work-life balance through specific measures, welcoming new hires, etc.

    In order to change the way people see disability, Icade regularly carries out internal communication and training activities, particularly during European Disability Employment Week. Icade also participates in the DuoDay initiative to raise its profile outside the company as an employer of people with disabilities. 

    Lastly, Icade supports the sheltered work sector (communication services, catering, cleaning, recycling, etc.) and has created a nationwide network of around 30 in-house “sheltered work sector” ambassadors have volunteered for this project.


Committed and supportive employees

In line with its Purpose, Icade offers its employees the possibility of getting involved in solidarity causes in favor of more inclusive territories. Various ad hoc mechanisms encourage them, for example, to get involved with associations such as “Rev’elles”, “Tous en internship”, “Pro Bono Lab”. Icade also organizes solidarity days in partnership with Unis-Cité to allow its employees to dedicate a day (of working time) to associations.


Young employees involved in the Company’s strategy

In order to attract and retain young talent, Icade offers them the opportunity to join its Graduate Programme, which enables talented young graduates from top-tier universities to devote themselves to setting up one or more innovation projects having a positive impact. Another initiative is Icade’s talent pool for the future composed of talented employees under 35 who benefit from enhanced support to advance their careers.


Balancing personal and professional life

To promote the quality of working life, a range of services and conveniences have been made available to employees at Icade’s headquarters to help them balance their personal and professional lives. These include concierge services, videoconferencing, conferences, leisure activities and remote work.


Improving health at work

Icade’s headquarters offers employees a full range of on-site health services that include osteopathy and massages. Lastly, all of the Group’s employees benefit from the psychosocial risk prevention policy and from an anonymous helpline staffed by occupational psychologists.


CSR Chapter - Extract 2022 Universal registration document

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Results of the 2019-2022 CSR commitments

By clicking on this link, you will find the table in Excel format of the CSR indicators.