An ambitious CSR policy at the heart of the strategy

Icade’s CSR policy, in line with its Purpose, is central to the Group’s strategy and management culture. Building on strong governance and regular dialogue with its stakeholders, the policy rests on three pillars, namely environmental, societal and social.

Flore Jachimowicz Head of CSR and Innovation

« As a committed and socially responsible player, Icade has made CSR an integral part of its strategy. We strive to innovate in close collaboration with our stakeholders. We seek to effectively meet environmental, social and societal challenges by finding impactful solutions that promote more responsible lifestyles. »

Low-carbon by Icade: acceleration towards the 1.5 ° C trajectory

Following the definition of its Purpose, having a "reduced carbon footprint" ambition, Icade is taking a new course with reinforced low-carbon commitments. Its 3 main activities are now aligned on a 1.5°C pathway, an ambition supported by a medium-term investment program of 150 million euros.

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Our three CSR pillars

Icade’s CSR strategy aims to accommodate new lifestyles and habits, meet local needs, accelerate the low-carbon transition and preservation of resources and develop employee skills, workplace well-being and diversity.

Urban Farm in Aubervilliers

The environmental pillar

Icade is a pioneer of sustainable property development with buildings whose energy consumption, resource requirements and impact on the climate and biodiversity are reduced – guaranteed by the demanding certifications it is awarded.

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Pont de Flandres business park

The societal pillar

Icade supports new practices with solutions that offer users both comfort and quality of life, and also strengthens its local impact with community-focused work to help the most vulnerable populations.

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Icade employees in our headquarters.

The social pillar

Icade’s social policy is designed to develop employees’ skills, make the company more appealing, improve the quality of life at work and promote diversity. 

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Best in class CSR & Innovation


Cycle Up: a digital platform dedicated to the reuse of building materials

Launched by Icade and Egis, this platform dedicated to the reuse of building materials involves participants from across the industry. Since its launch in 2018, CYCLE UP’s 451 transactions have made it possible to avoid more than 650 tonnes of waste (including 67 tonnes from projects led by Icade), cut CO₂ emissions by 4,499 tonnes and save buyers €6.1 million. Cycle Up also promotes professional integration through its partnership with Ares, a professional integration specialist responsible for transporting, selectively removing and warehousing building materials.


Committed and supportive employees

Consistent with its Purpose, Icade offers its employees the opportunity to get involved in local initiatives that promote more inclusive communities. Various initiatives encourage them to get involved in associations such as “Les jeunes talents de Plaine Commune” (Young talent from Plaine Commune), “Tous en Stage” (enabling students to carry out a week-long internship offering the opportunity to discover four different companies), “100,000 Entrepreneurs” (introducing young people to the concept of entrepreneurship), Pro Bono Lab (skills-based volunteering and sponsorship), etc.


Le Quartier de Gally – the perfect example of a garden city in Versailles

This upcoming residential neighbourhood, developed in part by Synergies Urbaines by Icade, will combine an exceptional setting with a property complex that will have a positive social and environmental impact. It will include a next-generation garden city, a micro-farm with vegetable gardens for chefs, shared gardens for residents, orchards and conservation grazing.

Results of the 2019-2022 CSR commitments

By clicking on this link, you will find the table in Excel format of the CSR indicators.


Daphné Millet

CSR Director