Icade is highly ambitious when it comes to hiring young talent. A volunteer effort that responds to a threefold challenge: prepare ground for the next generation, foster employability of young people, and promote diversity.

School relationships

In order to build a talent pool, Icade has established partnerships with three grandes écoles: ESTP, ESSEC, and, more recently, HEC.

This partnerships policy fits perfectly into its proactive approach of helping students find their vocations, identifying talents, and even recruiting them.

Sharing knowledge and expertise helps students explore all the jobs we do at Icade. 

There are currently three generations working side by side in the company. It results in dialogue, knowledge sharing, and reverse mentoring!


Internships and work-study

Icade is committed to helping professionalise young talent through an active policy of internships and work-study contracts, which are a real asset for recruitment.

Icade offers a wide variety of internships and work-study contracts that help students develop value-add skills. Those skills are key to understand and meet our operational and strategic challenges.

Throughout the training journey, young people receive close support that offers them career immersion in the exciting field of real estate.

% of contracts that led to a permanent contract job in 2018


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Innovation Graduate Program by Icade

Since January 2018, we offer this 12-18 month programme to the most promising young graduates. During the programme, they get to work on an innovation project and then explore a role at Icade. 


The Innovation Graduate Program: a unique opportunity to recruit young talents passionate about innovation!

As part of its “Innovation Graduate Program”, Icade hires young people for permanent contracts. This programme enables graduates to be as free as entrepreneurs while benefiting from a large group's action capacity to build the next generation of innovative offerings.

The “Graduates” report first of all to the group's Innovation department. For a few months, they are responsible for carrying out one or more “intrapreneur” projects.

It's a hands-on opportunity to develop an innovative project like one would do in a startup, while also exploring jobs and strengthening one’s work experience in the group.

Why join the Innovation Graduate Program by Icade?

Its is an opportunity to contribute to projects that have a positive impact and meaning, in a sector that is undergoing a true revolution in terms of innovation and new usages.

It is also an opportunity to learn and build experience at the heart of a structure dedicated to innovation (incubation, open innovation, design thinking, etc.) alongside a team with renowned expertise.

Y Board and G30: giving voice to Generation Y

The Icade Y Board is a group of employees under age 35 who share their vision for the future of the company with members of the Executive Committee. The board helps establish numerous company projects.

 In 2018, members thought about innovative real estate offerings and new management practices, which are two strategic focuses for Icade. And that work is now leading to concrete action!

 G30 is a forum made up of young people under age 30 in the Icade Promotion division. This forum works with the Icade Promotion management committee. Recently, it has worked on developing innovative solutions in different areas such as, currently, generating greater value from the land portfolio.