Icade contributes to the development of the areas in which it operates, improving quality of life and giving residents a better home, neighbourhood, work and healthcare experience. To anticipate changes to society and to address the challenges our stakeholders face, we work with them to co-construct our property offerings and innovative services. These solutions bring flexibility, comfort and well-being to users. We also work by implementing local community measures aimed at the most vulnerable people in order to strengthen social bonds in the areas in which we operate.

The percentage of major sites that include employment integration clauses

100 %

The percentage of business parks awarded the “Parc d’excellence” label


The percentage of Commercial Property Investment tenants who take part in a green lease committee


Our main commitments

  • Contributing to the economic and social development of local areas

    Stakeholders are increasingly seeing local presence as an essential, and the company strongly shares this view. Icade is increasing the number of measures it puts in place to promote local employment, employment integration, urban diversity, local partnerships, community projects and sponsorship. We maintain dialogue with a range of local bodies and carry out iconic projects such as Pulse in Plaine Commune.

    Icade has created 57,000 hours of integration employment at this site, and is working on eight projects with regional stakeholders, including giving professional carpentry training to a dozen young people who have been excluded from the workforce. 

  • Improving occupants’ quality of life and supporting new practices

    Changing habits are resulting in a sustainable transformation of the property market – including the boom in shared and modular homes, digitalisation, the search for well-being, and increasing use of hybrid spaces and mobile working. With this in mind, we are constantly improving our range of solutions to contribute to excellence in CSR and to encourage our business park tenants to do business with each other. For example, we offer them a range of catering establishments, shared gardens, car-sharing solutions and an online platform offering easier access to business clubs. Another example from the Housing

    Development division is the ambition to offer customers a 100% digital experience. From signing contracts to reserving a property, from tracking construction progress to customising your home via a 3D configurator, all services are now available digitally. What’s more, through the Imagin’home digital platform, future buyers will be able to co-design their home to their exact specifications.

  • Improving customers’ environmental performance

    The behaviour and habits of office and business park tenants as well as those of clinic and retirement home operators have a significant impact on buildings’ environmental performance. These users express strong expectations in terms of their ability to manage their consumption and their use of natural resources. Icade works to support them in this through committees, working together to build action plans. 

  • Strengthening the responsible purchasing policy

    Given the significant volume of purchases we make, we strive to strengthen our responsible purchasing policy by involving our suppliers and service providers in our CSR approach. To share our values and requirements with them, we have put a responsible purchasing charter in place for our three divisions. It includes commitments for our suppliers on key topics such as supported employment, compliance with specific environmental and health standards, security, respect for human rights and labour rights, etc. The Service Properties division has assessed all of its main service providers using the charter’s criteria and works with those whose score is poorer than average to co-construct improvement plans. 

  • Ensuring ethics in business

    Following the rules of proper conduct in terms of business ethics and transparency with our partners is fundamental for Icade.

    Our compliance department works hard every day to prevent the risks of bribery, money laundering and the financing of terrorism. It also ensures that personal data remains protected. To achieve its goals, a number of robust measures have been put in place, including an ethics charter, a confidential reporting system that guarantees protection for whistleblowers, risk mapping and dedicated training. 


Terres de Versailles – the perfect example of a garden city

The future Terre de Versailles residential district, located at the gates of the famous château, combines the desire to preserve a unique heritage setting with the creation of a property development that has a positive social and environmental impact. This project is designed to create a next-generation garden city that helps its residents form social bonds, including a micro-farm, a permaculture training centre and 150 shared gardens.


The ‘Parc d’excellence’ label – a sign of quality and CSR excellence at our business parks

Icade called on the services of an external certifying body to create this new private label that includes almost 60 requirements and 200 performance indicators, including green spaces, connectivity, well-being, and more. 100% of our main parks have received the label.


Committed to solidarity – supporting emergency accommodation

In 2016, Icade signed a skills sponsorship agreement with the Paris Samu Social emergency social services organisation. As part of this agreement, many of our employees have used their expertise to renovate an accommodation and healthcare centre. Since March 2019, it has welcomed almost 200 vulnerable individuals.


Innovating to protect the environment: Bocage Urbain

In 2018, the Icade innovation engagement committee supported 15 projects from our employees. One of these projects was carried out in partnership with Bocage Urbain and the Paris&Co incubator’s Urban Lab. Tested at the Portes de Paris business park, this urban planning project – which sees planted modules installed at the bottom of buildings – both improves management of rainwater surface run-off and enriches biodiversity.