Icade contributes to the development and quality of life of the regions in which it operates and provides desirable places to live and work. To anticipate changes in society and meet the needs of our stakeholders, we develop innovative real estate solutions and services in partnership with them. These solutions provide flexibility, comfort and well-being to their users. We have also contributed by organising local community projects targeting the most vulnerable groups in order to strengthen social interaction where we do business.

Proportion of residential development projects having included measures to improve indoor air quality

85 %

The percentage of business parks awarded the “Parc d’excellence” label

100 %

The percentage of Commercial Property Investment tenants who take part in a green lease committee

100 %

Our main commitments

  • Contributing to territorial cohesion and inclusion

    Community involvement is increasingly expected by stakeholders in addition to being one of the Company’s unwavering commitments. For this reason, Icade is stepping up its commitment to local hiring, professional integration, urban diversity, local partnerships, community activities and skills sponsorships. We work with local authorities on the ground and have carried out flagship projects such as Pulse in Plaine Commune.

    Icade organises community events involving its business park tenants, namely ethical Christmas markets with local tradespeople, clothes collections, charity runs, workshops in support of UNICEF, etc. 

  • Improving occupants’ well-being and adapting to new habits and lifestyles

    Changes in habits and lifestyles have permanently transformed the real estate market. This is evidenced by the continued rise in shared housing and housing that can be easily adapted, digitalisation, the increasing focus on wellness, the growing use of hybrid spaces and mobile working. To face these challenges, Icade constantly expands its range of solutions to enhance CSR excellence and facilitate business relationships among its business park tenants. For example, Icade offers them various eating areas, shared gardens, ride-sharing solutions and an online platform allowing occupants to participate in business clubs.

    The Residential Property Development Division offers another example through its goal to offer customers a 100% digital journey. In this way, all the services are available electronically, from signing a reservation agreement for property to tracking the progress of a construction project and customising the future dwelling using a 3D home design program. In addition, by using the digital platform Imagin’home, future owners can co-design a bespoke home. Lastly, Icade Santé is also strongly committed to ensuring quality care for the dependent elderly through the creation of a Quality of Life and CSR Charter. Similarly, Icade has designed an audit to analyse how healthcare facilities operate to help their operators improve the quality of patient care and the well-being of patients and caregivers.

  • Improving customers’ environmental performance

    The behaviour and habits of office and business park tenants as well as those of clinic and retirement home operators have a significant impact on buildings’ environmental performance. These users express strong expectations in terms of their ability to manage their consumption and their use of natural resources. Icade works to support them in this through committees, working together to build action plans. 

  • Reinforcing our responsible procurement policy and supplier relationships

    Icade makes every effort to improve its responsible procurement policy by involving its suppliers and contractors in its CSR initiatives. In order to make its values and requirements known to them, Icade has implemented a responsible procurement charter for its three business divisions. Icade sought to introduce more stringent requirements and has included CSR criteria in the requests for quotation issued by the Procurement Department specific to each supplier category. In addition, the Office Property Investment Division evaluated all its main service providers based on the criteria set out in this charter and co-developed improvement plans with those which scored below 50/100.

  • Ensuring business ethics

    Compliance with the rules of good conduct in terms of business ethics and transparency with our partners are fundamental to Icade.

    The Compliance Department works every day to counter the risk of corruption, money laundering and the financing of terrorism. It also ensures the protection of personal data. To accomplish this, robust measures have been put in place. These measures include a Code of Ethics, an anonymous whistleblower system, risk mapping and targeted training.


Terres de Versailles – the perfect example of a garden city

The future Terre de Versailles residential district, located at the gates of the famous château, combines the desire to preserve a unique heritage setting with the creation of a property development that has a positive social and environmental impact. This project is designed to create a next-generation garden city that helps its residents form social bonds, including a micro-farm, a permaculture training centre and 150 shared gardens.


Ambu’stage, an app for the geolocation of patients

Spearheaded by Icade Santé employees and Icade Promotion’s Healthcare Expertise Department and supported by Icade’s start-up studio Urban Odyssey, this application allows caregivers to locate patients, track their movements and reassure their families throughout their outpatient stay. Tested in a healthcare facility as early as 2018, the application will be available in three additional facilities in 2020.


“Pop-up Job Workshop”, an initiative that promotes local employment

In order to increase the appeal of its business parks and contribute to the economic and social development of the areas in which it operates, Icade has stepped up its efforts in favour of local job creation, solidarity and culture for its tenants. The “Pop-up Job Workshop” initiative developed by the employment committee for the Val-de-Marne area is an original concept designed to temporarily make space available to job seekers over 45. During the workshop, they help each other find jobs with each one contributing, depending on their role (researching job offers, interview coaching, CV rewriting, etc.), to the success of the others.


Eco-friendly innovation: Vertuo

Stemming from Icade’s intrapreneurial efforts, Vertuo is a winning solution from Urban Lab, Paris&Co’s experimentation laboratory. Tested in the Portes de Paris business park, this urban landscaping solution in the form of plant-filled containers at the base of buildings makes it possible to better manage rainwater runoff and improve biodiversity. The start-up is being accelerated at Urban Odyssey, Icade’s start-up studio.

Results of the 2019-2022 CSR commitments

By clicking on this link, you will find the table in Excel format of the CSR indicators.