As major entity in the city, Icade plays a key role in terms of the attractiveness of territories, social diversity and inclusion. It also ensures the health and well-being of the occupants of its buildings.

Proportion of booked accommodation which are affordable and inclusive in 2023

50 %

Amount of purchases made from the protected and adapted sector in 2023

€908 435

NPS for the Office Property Investment and Development Divisions in 2023

Positive and improving

Our main commitments

  • Strengthening local ties and promoting social inclusion

    Icade Promotion has taken a number of steps to promote access to inclusive and affordable housing. These include a land leases that promote affordable home ownership (bail réel solidaire, BRS) which aims to facilitate access to home ownership for low-income households and a new inclusive housing solution by investing in Domani, a pioneer in shared housing for people with disabilities and seniors . In 2023, Icade Promotion launched its second BRS operation in Cognin (73) and aims to sell 10% of its new housing developments under a land lease that promotes affordable home ownership by 2026.

  • Improving the well-being, health and safety of occupants

    Changes in habits and lifestyles have permanently transformed the real estate market. This is evidenced by the continued rise in shared housing and housing that can be easily adapted, digitalisation, the increasing focus on wellness, the growing use of hybrid spaces and mobile working. To face these challenges, Icade constantly expands its range of solutions.

    The Commercial Property Investment Division has developed a new generation of workspaces, focused on openness to territories, conducive to meeting and sharing, which stimulate innovation by including new urban and digital solutions.

    “Imagin'Office“ offers coworking space solutions adapted to freelancers, startups and compagnies of any size thanks to modular and customizable workspaces. 

    “At Home Naturally” solution was designed by Icade Promotion in partnership with architect Nicolas Laisné and is based on two main pillars. The first, “Building with Nature in Mind”, aims to make nature more central to housing design, both to enhance occupants’ wellbeing and help Icade meet its environmental commitments. The second, “Building Homes for Every Need”, embodies the commitments Icade made to provide housing solutions that suit its customers and find new ways to promote home ownership.

  • Supporting the CSR efforts of customers

    More than 50% of the environmental impact of a new office building is directly linked to its use. 

    In 2022, Icade created a new contract to coordinate its efforts in the fight against climate change with those of its tenants : the Lease with Climate Criteria. This partnership include climate objectives in line with the Paris Agreement and rely on the monitoring of an index that assesses both overall environmental performance and the measures implemented.

  • Reinforcing our responsible procurement policy and supplier relationships

    With an annual amount of nearly 1 billion euros of purchases, made from a network of about 10,000 suppliers and partners, Icade is one of the major contractors active in France. In order to make its values and requirements known to them, Icade has implemented a responsible procurement charter for its two business divisions. Icade sought to introduce more stringent requirements and has included CSR criteria in the requests for quotation and evaluations issued by the Procurement Department specific to each supplier category.

  • Ensuring business ethics

    Compliance with the rules of good conduct in terms of business ethics and transparency with our partners are fundamental to Icade.

    The Compliance Department works every day to counter the risk of corruption, money laundering and the financing of terrorism. It also ensures the protection of personal data. To accomplish this, robust measures have been put in place. These measures include a Code of Ethics, an anonymous whistleblower system and targeted training.


Le Quartier de Gally – the perfect example of a garden city in Versailles

This upcoming residential neighbourhood, developed in part by Synergies Urbaines by Icade, will combine an exceptional setting with a property complex that will have a positive social and environmental impact. It will include a next-generation garden city, a micro-farm with vegetable gardens for chefs, shared gardens for residents, orchards and conservation grazing


Icade’s second Bail Réel Solidaire

After having embarked on its first project under a land lease that promotes affordable home ownership (Bail Réel Solidaire or BRS) in the French city of Reignier-Esery in the Haute-Savoie department in 2021, Icade Promotion has launched in 2023 his second BRS operation in Cognin (73). Of this 140-unit operation, 28 will be offered at a selling price about 35% below the market price . This project is designed to help local authorities implement their land strategies by promoting home ownership at a price significantly lower than the usual market price.


Facilitate the return to work

To support employment and the creation of smal and medium-sized entreprised, Icade is committed to helping local youth. It is a signatory of the «Pacte avec les quartiers pour toutes les entreprises» (Paqte) - government mechanism initiated in 2018 and aimed at the integration of young people from priority neighborhoods of the city through awareness, training and recruitment.


Daphné Millet

CSR Director