Property Investment Divisions

Investment Analyst

Investment analysts identify investment opportunities in line with the Group’s strategy. 

They analyse and interpret financial information alongside a pool of experts (technical, legal, etc.) to assist in management’s decision-making process.

Their main duties:

  • Drawing up reports that analyse investment opportunities in the real estate market (economic studies, performance reports, etc.)
  • Developing financial simulations and simulations for real estate valuation purposes
  • Supervising financial, property, legal and tax due diligence during the acquisition process

Job requirements:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Ability to propose new ideas
  • Curiosity
  • Interest in financial markets and real estate
Asset Manager

Assets managers are responsible for developing a strategy to increase the value of the properties within their portfolio.

They are in charge of implementing this strategy alongside internal and external stakeholders.

Their main duties:

  • Drawing up a business plan for each building and ensuring that it is adhered to, establishing budgetary guidelines
  • Analysing building performance and making recommendations with regard to asset disposals
  • Scheduling the development of new property assets or the redevelopment of existing assets
  • Using every available means to achieve the goal of increasing the value of the assets, through lease, building and financial management

Job requirements:

  • Negotiation skills
  • Strong background in real estate and finance
  • Ability to interact with different types of stakeholders
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Property Development Division

Land Developer

Land developers are fundamental to any project to build a new development.

They are responsible for finding land and negotiating deals in order to provide the company with the land it needs to develop its new-build schemes.

Their main duties:

  • Identifying land opportunities
  • Assessing the feasibility of the projects and profitability of the transaction
  • Negotiating the preliminary sale agreement
  • Monitoring the implementation of the project

Job requirements:

  • Negotiation skills and the ability to convince others
  • Persuasiveness and good interpersonal skills
  • Ability to build a network
  • Personal autonomy and creativity
  • Mastery of the property development process and real estate transactions
Project Manager (office and residential property)

Project managers have the overall responsibility for a real estate project. They structure and coordinate all aspects of the project, including technical, legal, financial, marketing, etc.

Their main duties:

  • Overseeing forward planning for property development projects (tenders, requests for quotations, building permits, costs, etc.)
  • Handling the financial management of their projects (budget, residual value, etc.)
  • Coordinating all internal and external parties
  • Overseeing development projects from start to finish

Job requirements:

  • Expertise in project-based work
  • Adaptability and agility
  • Mastery of financial management for new-build schemes
  • Knowledge of real estate (construction techniques and law, architecture)
  • Interest in digital tools: BIM
Sales advisor

Sales advisors handle residential sales from canvassing for customers, which include investors and potential residents, to signing the reservation agreement.

They assist and advise prospective customers to ensure successful project completion.

Their main duties:

  • Canvassing for customers
  • Promoting the project alongside the marketing teams
  • Proposing appropriate financing solutions to customers
  • Closing the sale through the signing of an agreement

Job requirements:

  • Mastery of digital tools
  • Experience in sales techniques focused on customer relationships and satisfaction
  • Knowledge of legal and tax issues

Support functions

Innovators / Entrepreneurs

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Procurement Manager

Procurement managers monitor suppliers, services and products; organise the tendering process and produce a shortlist of prospective suppliers.

They negotiate with suppliers and base their selection on an analysis of the strengths and risks associated with each application.

In addition, they monitor supplier performance and improve the performance of the Procurement function.