Icade has observed how new modes of working have developed and how professions have evolved. We work hard to offer a career path that provides employees with opportunities to evolve, move up, and improve their skills in order to keep them motivated.


At Icade, we promote a rapid and efficient recruitment process. The profiles and skills of pre-selected candidates are assessed during two interviews. The first one is with an HR representative and the second is with the operational manager of the position you’re applying for.

Driven by the desire to be close to candidates and shorten the recruitment phase, we have implemented a recruitment chatbot in 2018 that is accessible via Facebook. It allows candidates to rapidly get answers to their questions about the company and its departments.

Icade is also a disabled-friendly company. For more than 10 years, it has placed the professional integration of people with disabilities at the heart of its HR policy, notably with the signing of a 4th collective agreement.

What are you able to do and provide for Icade? In my opinion, that is the one question that every candidate must be prepared to answer. We are less interested in their past than in their ability to build the future with us

Maria Dos Santos

Head of human resources Icade Promotion


Since successful integration is a key stage for ensuring the commitment and good performance of employees, we take the time to welcome newcomers. We give them an opportunity to discover Icade, understand our culture, and soak it up. In return, we ask them to take a critical look at it.

Employees recruited in the last year participate in a newcomers seminar that brings together people from all different backgrounds, entities, professions, and regions. This process helps employees feel like they belong in our cultural, social, and organisational environment at Icade. It accelerates their understanding of the Group’s three departments: Property Development, Commercial Property Investment and Healthcare Property Investment. It also fosters bonding within the company.

In 2018, two integration seminars helped 120 new hires to discover the company, its culture, and its departments and to start building up their internal network. Two new seminars have been organised for the first quarter of 2019.

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With today's changing markets, everyone has to be able to challenge their professional skills, upgrade them, and acquire new ones in order to progress in their profession, change jobs, increase their employability, or even obtain a recognised diploma.

As a consequence, Icade encourages employees to develop their skills and knowledge every day. Our training policy aims to anticipate changes in professions and the emergence of new managerial and employee situations, all while pursuing the company strategy.

 A management and performance interview helps identify the individual needs of our employees and helps us build a personalised training path. Regardless of the theme of the training opportunities offered - whether it be new collaborative and multidisciplinary managerial modes, acculturation to the digital world, corporate social responsibility, sales, marketing, or customer relations -  they aim to promote essential skills within Icade including digital skills, customer orientation, and societal responsibility.

 More and more training modules on various topics are being developed via the Icade e-learning platform. For example, the project management and building information modelling (BIM) modules added in 2018 help train employees gain new skills independently.

We have also organised OpenCafé events to present existing possibilities, especially with the individual training account (CPF).

% of employees had one training session between 2016 and 2018


Employees training objective for the 2019 to 2022 period



At Icade, we encourage our employees to grow and move up to develop our business and innovate. As an integrated real estate operator, we offer a wide variety of professions (with 19 professional areas currently on the books) as well as different pathways. We are also increasing the number of opportunities to migrate between professional areas, business units, and activities.

HR teams assist managers so that they can properly fulfil their role in this mobility process.

They also maintain a close relationship with employees who are interested so that their ambitions can be taken into account and to help each one evolve and define their own course.

Changes to our HRIS with strengthen these measures by allowing individuals to examine their career paths and state their skills and mobility expectations. Positions are open for internal job applications exclusively for three weeks.

A number of measures are in place to help employees become actors defining their own professional course, including: talent pools, career interviews, and an internal platform.

There are also OpenCafé for this purpose, sometimes at the direct initiative of teams, to present their professions.

Managers training on the positive energy manager path (MEPOS) by 2020 objective


Positions that should be filled internally every year


% of internal recruitments between 2016 and 2018