5 reasons to join us


Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit?

From digital transformation and energy revolution to megacities, new technologies, and new lifestyles, the world is changing. In every area—housing, offices, urbanism, health, and business—Icade is accelerating innovation. Come build our next generation of offerings in an innovative ecosystem that combines the freedom prized by resourceful entrepreneurs with the scale of action of a large company.


Would you like to switch offices according to your needs?

A third space near your house; a makerspace at Open, our headquarters; a free desk in an open-plan office; or remote work: at Icade, the choice is yours. We promote a dynamic and collaborative work environment to facilitate idea-sharing, develop synergies, and improve quality of life at work.


Want to develop your skills?

The 19 career paths at Icade, an integrated real estate operator, mean 19 opportunities for mobility to develop your skills, discover new professions, and take on more responsibility. In short, you can build a custom career path that meets your aspirations and ambition.


Do you think that Generation Y has follow-through?

We believe in young talent, and we offer these professionals the means to express their creativity and enthusiasm. Develop a concrete, innovative project over several months with the Graduate Program. Share your ideas with management through the Y Board. Join in volunteer efforts. The possibilities are nearly endless.


Do you believe in positive management?

Our managers know how to mobilize, challenge, encourage, and redirect when necessary. Managers with Icade’s positive energy are women and men who have broken with new management practices. They aim to help their employees grow through a healthy, constructive managerial relationship, allowing them to become more independent and develop their performance.

Six questions for Marc le Blanc, HR director at Icade

Marc le Blanc Head of Human Resources

Elsa Couteaud Development & CSR Manager, Icade Santé

Kelly Witowski Innovation Graduate Program

Johanne Randrianarivelo Compliance Officer

Benoit Fossé Directeur des montages financiers, Icade Santé

Aymeric de Alexandrie Directeur régional Provence Alpes, Icade Promotion


What attracts talent in the real estate industry?

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Does choosing Icade mean, above all, choosing an innovative leader?

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How do Icade employees work for diversity, ethics, and the environment?

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What type of talent are you looking for, in which fields?

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What do you expect from each Icade employee in terms of contributions to company performance?

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Is the mobility Icade encourages a promise of a diversified career?

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Marc le Blanc's anwser

« Houses, offices, and cities of tomorrow won’t look like what we know today. Our industry is undergoing an accelerated transformation under the influence of several trends, including multi-use spaces, the growth of megacities, the digital transformation, and the importance of environmental challenges. These new relationships to time and space pose challenges that are fun to come meet with us! Real estate is at the heart of these challenges of versatility, sustainability, and mobility, so it is a fantastic playing field for developing the technologies and services that will contribute to new ways of living in smart, responsible cities. »

Marc le Blanc's anwser

« Yes, and it especially means participating in innovation! For example, you could join the non-hierarchical, cross-disciplinary Icade Hub, which brings together our employees to reflect on the major topics related to our fields: housing, offices, urbanism, health, and businesses. We promote intrapreneurship by pushing all our employees to innovate and collaborate with start-ups. Icade innovates in its product and service offerings but also in its HR and CSR policies, as evident in our remote work policy. It can cover one to two days per week and allows employees to work in third spaces (of which there are six in Ile-de-France). Our solidarity leave, allowing an employee to take up to six months to work for a non-profit, is another example. »

Marc le Blanc's anwser

« We promote diversity via three pillars: integration of workers with disabilities, intergenerationality, and gender equality. As an employer committed to disability rights, we train and raise awareness among our managers and employees. We give Generation Y a voice through the Y Board and created the Graduate Program to allow young college graduates to discover our different career paths. Our employees also get involved through skills-based mentoring and partnerships with professional development non-profits and volunteer days and leave. Finally, we are proud to have earned 99/100 on the French gender equality index the year it was rolled out. »

Marc le Blanc's anwser

« Above all, we are looking at skills and personality, at people who can build the future of our field with us. Whether you are a real estate project manager, a lawyer, a digital project manager, an environmental transition specialist, or a management comptroller, joining us means wanting to grow in a dynamic, business-oriented environment, where innovation and cross-disciplinary work are daily realities. It means wanting to be agile, curious, and entrepreneurial. »

Marc le Blanc's anwser

« Our corporate policy aims to inspire commitment, agility, and collaboration in our employees to allow them to stay in step with the development of different real estate professions and ways of working, through, for example, specific training courses; integration of new collaborative, cross-disciplinary management methods; innovation; digital acculturation; and training and awareness-raising around CSR. In return, we expect our employees to be invested and passionate people who share our strategic vision—forward-thinking people who combine operational rigour, attention to results and collective performance, enjoyment of interpersonal contact, general curiosity, convictions, commitment, and initiative. »

Marc le Blanc's anwser

« Internal mobility is strategically key for Icade, which helps its employees become actors in their own careers (for example, through talent pools, career development interviews, an internal mobility platform, and a mobility bonus). As an integrated real estate operator, we offer a wide variety of professions (with 19 professional areas currently on the books) as well as different career paths. It is rare for a company to have such a variety of missions, clients, and partners on the ground. We are also increasing the number of opportunities to migrate between professional areas, business units, divisions, and geographic locations. »