5 reasons to join us


Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit?

From digital transformation and energy revolution to megacities, new technologies, and new lifestyles, the world is changing. In every area—housing, offices, urbanism, health, and business—Icade is accelerating innovation. Come build our next generation of offerings in an innovative ecosystem that combines the freedom prized by resourceful entrepreneurs with the scale of action of a large company.


Would you like to switch offices according to your needs?

A third space near your house; a makerspace at Open, our headquarters; a free desk in an open-plan office; or remote work: at Icade, the choice is yours. We promote a dynamic and collaborative work environment to facilitate idea-sharing, develop synergies, and improve quality of life at work.


Want to develop your skills?

The 19 career paths at Icade, an integrated real estate operator, mean 19 opportunities for mobility to develop your skills, discover new professions, and take on more responsibility. In short, you can build a custom career path that meets your aspirations and ambition.


Do you think that Generation Y has follow-through?

We believe in young talent, and we offer these professionals the means to express their creativity and enthusiasm. Develop a concrete, innovative project over several months with the Graduate Program. Share your ideas with management through the Y Board. Join in volunteer efforts. The possibilities are nearly endless.


Do you believe in positive management?

Our managers know how to mobilize, challenge, encourage, and redirect when necessary. Managers with Icade’s positive energy are women and men who have broken with new management practices. They aim to help their employees grow through a healthy, constructive managerial relationship, allowing them to become more independent and develop their performance.