Our vision of innovation

As a leading actor in real estate, Icade works continuously to create appropriate offers and encourage creativity among its employees and partners. It also intervenes both to improve the world as it is now and to invent the world of the future. There is one guiding principle behind these diverse actions: to innovate in order to transform itself, stand out, and better meet the expectations of customers.

Innovation at Icade

Our commitment relies on the desire to create healthy, lasting urban environments that generate value in the long term for all stakeholders. For this purpose, Icade has imagined a solid and effective plan. It aims to bring to life an ambitious vision of the city of the future by carrying out very concrete projects.

How it works

Key examples

Urban Odyssey
  • City of the future

Urban Odyssey, the first start-up studio dedicated to the city of the future

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Art&Design Lab by Icade
  • Design
  • City of the future

The Art & Design Lab by Icade: a regionally anchored create experience

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