The real estate sector has significant impacts on climate change and the use of natural resources. As committed entity, Icade has set itself environmental priorities : the low-carbon transition and adaptation to climate change as well as the preservation of biodiversity and soil protection.

Reduction in carbon intensity (in kg CO₂/sq.m.) of the Commercial Property Division between 2019 and 2023

-35 %

Proportion of new buildings rewilded in 2023

52 %

Our commitments

  • A carbon pathway aligned 1.5°C

    Icade is actively involved in reducing its CO₂ emissions and has made it a priority. For example, it has made new commitments for its two divisions to achieve a 1.5°C carbon pathway validated by the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi). To support this goal, Icade has put in place a 2024-2030 investment plan totalling €145 million. To learn more, see the infographic.

  • Preserve biodiversity and protect the soil

    Icade works to protect biodiversity and soils using a range of measures and actions designed to bring nature back to the city via its divisions. This proactive approach meets both the requirements of local authorities and the expectations of Icade's customers in terms of making tangible improvements to their surroundings and aiming to contribute the national objective of Zero Net Artificialization.

    For example, Icade manages the urban rewilding of its business parks through biodiversity performance contracts signed with CDC Biodiversité that allows the measurement and improvement of indicators on animal and plant life, soil quality, landscape maintenance and park user awareness.

    Real estate development operations are assessed by an ecological diagnosis which measures in particular the ratio of urban rewilding both pre-project and post-project. Icade Promotion’s At Home Naturally housing solution also incorporates notions of promoting nature in cities through two concepts: Jardin by Icade which promotes well-being and social interaction while preserving the occupants’ privacy and Symbiose by Icade which provides access to a private green space.

  • Integrating the principles of a circular economy into products and services

    For its existing assets, Icade has put in place waste sorting units, a collection scheme for used objects and solutions to reduce and better manage water consumption. The different divisions are committed to the reuse of building materials for demolitions, renovations and refurbishments. Lastly, Icade co-develop plans of action with its customers about best practices with respect to waste management and water consumption through the organisation of green lease committees.

    To further reduce consumption, Vertuo—created in 2018 at Urban Odyssey, Icade’s start-up studio—has designed street furniture combined with planters featuring an autonomous rainwater collection system. Various modules have been deployed in the Parc des Portes de Paris and are deployed in Icade Promotion operations through the Symbiose offer.

  • Developing eco-mobility solutions

    Transport accounts for a quarter of the average french carbon footprint, two thirds of which is related to the car. To meet the growing demands of its customers, Icade is committed to locating its buildings near public transit networks and offering its customers innovative sustainable mobility solutions : privately-owned public transport (a private fleet of 100% electric buses and electric river shuttles in business parks), charging points for electric vehicles, car-sharing, car-pooling and bike-sharing solutions, and the « Bycycle Initiative, the Bicycle Booster”.

    This initiative designed to promote bike commuting in cities by impoving the accessibility and the quality of parking facilities and the associated services.


Edenn, an office building for the city of tomorrow

Developing 30,000 m² of offices and services delivered at the end of 2025, the building will offer shops open to the city. The 3,000 to 3,200 m² office floors, 30% of which can be converted into meeting rooms, have opening windows and views of the outdoor spaces. A bicycle parking with 200 spaces covered, equipped, secure and directly accessible from the various entry points of the building encourages soft mobility. High levels of certifications and certifications are targeted for Edenn: HQE Bâtiment durable Excellent, BREEAM Excellent, BBCA Excellence, (E+C-) E3C2, BiodiverCity®, LEED Platinum.


Nature 2050: restoring the most fragile ecosystems

Based on protecting and adapting particularly vulnerable ecosystems and natural habitats to climate change, this programme currently supports 82 projects covering over 1200 hectares. Icade has demonstrated its commitment to Nature 2050 by funding the restoration and preservation of one sq.m of natural habitat for each sq.m of land developed. As a result, it has funded the restoration and preservation of over 216,000 sq.m of natural habitat since 2016.


Leases with climate criteria, a new way to involve our tenants

In 2022, Icade created a new contract to coordinate its efforts in the fight against climate change with those of its tenants. This partnership include climate objectives in line with the Paris Agreement and rely on the monitoring of an index that assesses both overall environmental performance and the measures implemented. 200,000 sq.m of Icade’s assets are covered by leases with climate criteria.


« 58 Victor Hugo » in Neuilly sur Seine (92) - AfterWork by Icade, turning old into new

“AfterWork, by Icade” is a redevelopment solution for office assets spearheaded by a dedicated team at Icade Promotion. It is intended for owners, investors and local authorities. It benefits from across-the-board expertise and interactive decision-making tools that enable it to assess all the conversion scenarios, taking into account the carbon footprint and the ambitious objectives of Éco-énergie tertiaire, France’s energy efficiency initiative for service sector properties. This future residential building, formerly a 16,000 m² hotel, will be restructured into 166 housing units, including 50 social housing units. This project aims for a BBC Effinergie renovation label on the existing part.


Daphné Millet

CSR Director