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7 June 2021

Icade Santé - Handover of four facilities for a total investment of €76M, liquidity event : IPO currently the preferred option, a CFO appointed

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2 June 2021

Icade's Start-up Studio Urban Odyssey launches a third call for entrepreneurs to co-create start-ups that meet the challenges facing tomorrow's cities and real estate

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25 May 2021

Results of scrip dividend election for a portion of the 2020 final dividend

Icade’s shareholders expressed strong interest in the option to receive a portion of the final dividend for the 2020 financial year in new Icade shares: 84.95% of the rights were exercised in favour of receiving 80% of the final dividend in shares at the end of the scrip election period which ran from April 30, 2021 up to and including May 20, 2021.

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