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Faced with the far-reaching changes to people’s ways of living and working and the urgent need to reduce its environmental impacts, the real estate sector is in the midst of a transformation. Icade is mobilising on all fronts to meet social, societal and environmental expectations. To offer relevant and creative solutions, we have chosen to work with our stakeholders to co-construct our property products and services. Together, we create value at every level and by doing so, we help to build cities that are more sustainable, more inclusive and more resilient and that bring real comfort and well-being to their users.

Benjamin Ficquet Head of Environmental Transition

Cathy Baglin Cathy Baglin, Head of Employee Affairs

Daphné Millet CSR Director


How is Icade succeeding in reducing its environmental footprint and making a positive contribution?

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What assets does Icade have to address the challenge of its employees’ quality of life at work?

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How is Icade building stronger relationships with its users and stakeholders?

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« By developing our knowledge of our impact. To do this, we have focused on developing a number of calculation methods to allow us to model our carbon trajectory and analyse our new developments from a life cycle analysis viewpoint. Our priorities are stopping climate change, which we are doing by decarbonising our energy mix, tackling the shortage of resources by developing the circular economy, and preserving biodiversity. On these last two points, we are implementing a biodiversity performance plan that enables constant improvement, restoring or adapting a square metre of land for every square metre we develop. Finally, we encourage others to adopt a circular economy approach, for example through the launch of the Cycle Up platform. »

« As a major player in the tertiary property sector, we are acutely aware of the importance of offering our employees a high-quality and comfortable working environment that protects their health and safety. The workplace needs to foster their creativity and enable collaborative working. We put these principles into practice through tangible actions, such as a dynamic working environment, expanding remote working, and giving employees access to a comprehensive healthcare area, including an H4D smart medical station. In our view, assessing the suitability of these measures is essential, and so we contacted the startup Wittyfit. »

« We are constantly listening out for changes both to society and in our stakeholders’ expectations. Our aim is to give our users a better home, neighbourhood, work and healthcare experience. We work with our stakeholders to co-construct innovative property offerings and services. For example, these include solutions designed to encourage sustainable mobility, reduced energy consumption, improved comfort, and services such as shared gardens, car-sharing solutions, etc. We also contribute to local economic and social development, through measures such as job creation, employment integration, urban diversity, local partnerships, community projects and sponsorship. Through these measures, our aim is to strengthen our engagement with the local area and meet users’ needs. »

A dynamic CSR policy

Icade’s CSR policy is built around three areas: 

- energy transition and resource preservation;

- territorial cohesion and new practices;

- developing employees’ skills, improving well-being at work and increasing diversity.

 Five priority challenges have been identified by our internal and external stakeholders. These are given special attention in the form of the CSR commitments included in the 2019-2022 plan: 


CSR priority issues for Icade

To identify its priority CSR challenges, Icade based its focus on an analysis of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Icade has determined eight priority goals and five significant goals, which it is working hard to achieve. These relate to operational efficiency, developing new products and services, and engaging with society. 

Contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goals
A strong governance structure

To ensure the success of its CSR policy, Icade relies on three governing bodies responsible for devising and managing its CSR strategy: 

- the Innovation and CSR Committee, made up of three directors, two of whom are independent;

- the Executive Committee, consisting of nine members, including three specifically dedicated to each of the CSR components;

- the CSR Advisory Committee, comprised of external players chosen for their expertise and commitment. This committee is tasked with steering Icade’s CSR policy and ensuring its implementation in collaboration with Icade’s governance bodies. This committee includes:

  • Jean-Louis Borloo, Chairman of Icade’s CSR Advisory Committee, President of Énergies pour l’Afrique, Former Mayor-MP of Valenciennes and Former Minister of State
  • Frédéric Bardeau, Founding Member of the Simplon School
  • Gilles Bœuf, University Professor, President of the Scientific Council of the Agence française pour la biodiversité
  • Nicolas Buchoud, Urban Planner, President of Cercle Grand Paris de l’Investissement Durable
  • Emmanuelle Duez, Founding Member of The Boson Project start-up
  • Nicolas Hazard, Founding Member and Chairman of Inco
  • Benoit Leguet, Managing director of I4CE (Institute for Climate Economics)
  • Thierry Marx, Chef
  • Carlos Moreno, University Professor, Human Smart City and Smart Control of Complex Systems Specialist
  • Arnaud Mourot, Managing Director of Ashoka
  • Anne Quéméré, Sailor
  • Hélène Valade, Sustainable Development Director of Suez, Vice-President of the Council of Heads of Sustainable Development, Chairman of the CSR Platform
  • Laurence Vanhée, Chief Happiness Officer of Happyformance
Always listening to stakeholders

Icade’s CSR approach is based on identifying its stakeholders and developing in-depth knowledge of them in order to better meet their needs. 

To achieve this, Icade holds regular and constructive dialogue with its key stakeholders.

Icade CSR stakeholders


Daphné Millet

CSR Director