Icade promotes joint innovation initiatives that bring together its business divisions, intrapreneur community, start-ups and outside partners. Industrial companies, schools, researchers, artists and local communities are just some examples of the privileged partners that enable innovative projects to come to fruition. Cooperation with other industrial and institutional partners also bolsters this partnership approach to innovation.

An innovation strategy that makes a positive contribution locally

Although Icade favours a holistic approach to innovation, the importance of playing an active role in the local community is not set aside. Initiatives promoted locally include the on-site pilot project “Quartiers d’Innovation Urbaine” (Urban Innovation Districts) led by the Urban Lab. Icade regularly makes its business parks available as testing grounds for the project in addition to lending its urban planning expertise.

  • Arc de l’Innovation targets the eastern suburbs of Paris

    This project is managed by Paris&Co and supported by the Est Ensemble, Grand-Orly Seine Bièvre, Paris, and Plaine Commune communities. It has a clear objective: to identify and assist innovative projects with a local social impact. This is possible through the financial support of six private planning companies including Icade for undertaking projects, creating regional promotional tools, and having meetings to support innovation.

  • A Chair dedicated to the urban transition

    The Entrepreneurship Territory Innovation (ETI) Chair at the IAE Paris-Sorbonne Business School relies on a partnership with Icade. For a three-year period, it unites various research and regional actors to rethink how we innovate in order to create more economic, social, and ecological value across a territory. Through this chair, Icade is helping with an urban transition demonstrator in partnership with other members of the plan.

Bringing together people from different backgrounds to tackle urban challenges

Students, researchers, artists, designers—Icade continuously broadens the scope of its collaborative efforts and has positioned itself as a pioneer in creating places where a mix of creative talent can come together. Among them, the Art&Design Lab project, an innovator-in-residence programme in Aubervilliers bringing together creative partners and Icade, has resulted in tangible projects destined to be developed with Icade.

  • The Creative Factory thrives in Nantes

    The Société d’aménagement de la métropole Ouest Atlantique (Samoa) is managing the urban plan for the Nantes area and has formed the Creative Factory. As anecosystem with many actors and partners, it develops on-site urban tests on two themes: connected spaces and third places. For the latter, Icade has undertaken joint examination sessions and experiments with the Creative Factory.

  • H7: the future hub of digital innovation

    The H7 space was designed as a model space to strengthen innovation in the Lyon region. It aims to accelerate creativity of budding young creative people while opening its doors to all entrepreneurs and talented people creating projects. Icade has chosen to be a partner to support the local ecosystem of innovation.  

Sharing resources and knowledge with industrial partners

Icade regularly works with large corporations to come up with joint solutions. It makes its sites available for testing innovative technologies or services. As a result, the partners share their expertise and successes which greatly benefits their customers.

  • Lif-Fi connection

    With its Smartdesk mobile office, Icade is the first to have tested the Li-Fi offering developed by Philips. This solution, which offers Wi-Fi connection via light, was trialled by its employees both in terms of technical aspects and in terms of its use. Following this full-scale trial, Philips has begun deploying its service more broadly, with Icade now offering the solution to its customers.

  • A breath of fresh air

    As a founding partner of AIRLAB, Icade is trialling innovative air quality solutions. Based on a collaborative approach, the ecosystem that has developed around this topic includes partners who are committed to creating projects whose impacts are measured and assessed by Airparif.

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