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At Icade, Synergies Urbaines unites men and women dedicated to development around three key areas, namely sourcing, project structuring and major urban projects. On behalf of local communities, the group is working on designing sustainable neighbourhoods. This team is also steeped in a culture of corporate social responsibility.

Five synergies

  • Style synergy

    Using your input to develop the most desirable architectural project, suited to both your needs and those of the region.

  • Innovation synergy

    Providing a new urban experience by designing projects which are creative, innovative and bold, in harmony with new habits and lifestyles.

  • Knowledge synergy

    Applying all of our knowledge to bring you highly diversified solutions involving office real estate, housing, hotels, shops, medical-social facilities, infrastructure, etc.

    Pooling our expertise with that of our partners Cycle Up (an innovative platform dedicated to the reuse of building materials), Ceebios (the European Centre of Excellence in Biomimetics), REI Habitat (wood‑based construction), Deyrolle (Nature-Art-Education label) and other key players such as industrial partners, start-ups, associations, researchers and urban artists.

  • Team synergy

    Bringing together all the players involved through an open and participatory approach.

  • Sustainable synergy

    Incorporating environmental requirements. Turning the city into a resource.

    Returning the city to its natural environment through bio-inspired real estate.



Tony Pessoa, Development Department (Sourcing) - Large-scale, mixed-use projects

“We want to provide turnkey solutions to large public- and private-sector clients across the whole of France. This involves anticipating and meeting their work-related needs and enhancing the value of their real estate assets.”


Aigline Moreau, Development Department (Sourcing) - Medical-social

“In developing medical-social facilities and serviced residences, we combine more than one business area and complementary skills to provide value-creating solutions suited to complex projects.”


Ana-Maria Cartier, Development Department (Major Urban Projects)

“We put users at the top of our list of concerns by providing them with solutions based on what’s most important, namely living, getting around, working and thriving in a responsible, smart city which is low-carbon, mixed-use and harmonious.”


Côme de La Taille, Development Department (Project Structuring) - Office Real Estate

“Icade has the know-how of a property developer and the expertise of an investor. Our role as an investment company gives us a long-term vision of our customers’ projects, well after the construction work ends.”

Our convictions

  • Turning the city into a resource

    Although our cities and metropolitan areas have never been more populated, the city of tomorrow must not be designed to only address the challenges facing them today. We believe that the city is above all a solution and an opportunity in which to find the resources that we need. Cities drive innovation and require us to rethink the way we live and be able to change and adapt.

    At Synergies Urbaines, our aim is to turn the city into a resource. We believe that the city of tomorrow can promote biodiversity, capture and store CO2, conserve water resources, mitigate the effects of heat waves and urban heat islands, develop sustainable food, clean up the air, reduce air pollution, etc.

    We are tackling all these issues in a dedicated working group and this conviction permeates all of our initiatives.

Identification & anticipation

As a designer of neighbourhoods for the city of tomorrow, Synergies Urbaines is responsible for identifying and anticipating new habits and lifestyles Armed with observations made on the ground, the teams at Synergies Urbaines worked with top experts, companies and associations to be able to share their findings with you.

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