Due to the 2020 health crisis and the major climatic upheavals whose effects are increasingly being felt, the expectations of the French with regard to their housing and their environment have never been higher: more than one trend in society, it is the reflection of a growing concern for ecology. Naturally at home is our answer for accommodation that is attentive to nature and adaptable to everyone.

Emmanuel Desmaizières Head of Icade Promotion

« Our Purpose has evolved into a way of acting through two strong axes outlining a new concept of habitat for our homes. »

Nature that feels good

Repeated episodes of heatwaves, erosion of biodiversity ...

The challenges faced by our planet echo the new aspirations of city dwellers, more concerned about their impact on the environment and more eager to regain daily contact with nature. Within homes, nature takes on much more than a simple ornamental function: it is a vector of well-being for residents and provides solutions to the challenges of climate change.

Nature is a global ecosystem. Our buildings are intended to fit in and live in symbiosis with the living world. This requires architecture and town planning that take it into account from the design of projects. In order to limit the carbon footprint of buildings, it is essential to use biobased and geosourced materials as much as possible. By protecting the biodiversity around, we receive in return the benefits of nature, a better mental and physical condition.

Housing for all

While the French have (re) discovered their home during the health crisis, everyone has had to ask themselves this question: what is good living at home? Both a place of life, a workspace and a vector of social ties, the habitat concentrates many expectations, which vary according to the desires and the family situation of each individual. The answers we provide? A personalization of housing adapted to all needs, with an important place given to shared spaces and soft mobility.

The design of the housing is oriented towards the user and personalization. Our goal is to create a home that adapts to the lifestyle and uses of the purchaser, in terms of volumes, interior layout, custom furniture and finishes. The design is also committed to the territorial anchoring. We use local materials and craftsmanship in order to virtuously anchor the project in its land and thus assert its uniqueness.