Perspective de l’immeuble JUMP, Aubervilliers (93)

As real estate leader in office property investment in the greater Paris region and other French metropolitan areas, Icade offers an approach to service properties based on user needs.

Our expertise in devising real estate solutions, coupled with our deep knowledge of urban challenges, enables us to be by your side right from the start, by helping you find, design or upgrade your office or even choose the layout that is right for you.

Emmanuelle Baboulin

Head of Office Property Investment division

With significant property holdings, recognized knowledge ininnovative real estate solutions, and expertise in urban solutions, Icade helps its clients reinvent agile, flexible work environments that favour collaboration and innovation. 

Always attentive to users, Icade helps companies find concrete, high-performing solutions as well as providing custom solutions aligned with clients’ values.

Unique holdings

Icade possesses a portfolio of office buildings in Île-de-France and other main French metropolitan areas, as well as two businessparks and business hubs: Parc des Portes de Paris/Le Mauvin and Paris Orly-Rungis.

It also holds a portfolio of hotels and a residual asset portfolio of warehouses and housing.

Cross-disciplinary skills for reinventing the work world

Services, renovation, safety, and management—our employees have expertise in all those areas. Our multi-disciplinary teams are responsible for all components of each property investment project: the research phase and the design, configuration, and further evolution of your offices.

Real estate expertise to promote flexibility and quality of life at work

Our Property Investment teams imagine modulable real estate enabling versatility to structure agile and collaborative work. 

 We create spaces in our buildings and our businessparks that offer conditions favouring new ways of working: a happiness manager to lead offices and coworking spaces, concierges, large and varied food service options, gyms, shared gardens, private transport with electric shuttles, digital service applications, and more.

Strong commitments to ecofriendly work environments

CSR commitments lie at the heart of our strategy for healthy, environmentally friendly work environments. 

With ecodesign, use of low-carbon materials, development of renewables, roll-out of sustainable mobility solutions, connected and communicative building solutions, and urban integration of nature, we help our clients benefit from the highest standards in sustainable development.

As proof of our commitment, Icade’s buildings and office parks have earned the top labels and certifications: all our new buildings are certified HQE and/or BREEAM Very Good at minimum. As leader and best in class in CSR, Icade is also a pilot company for many other environmental certifications and standards, including Energy + Carbon - (E+C-); R2S ‘connected and communicative building’, a joint certification from the Smart Buildings Alliance (SBA) and HQE; and Osmoz, a quality-of-life and well-being certification.

 Going further, as proof of the quality of our services, our office parks have been certified as Parks of Excellence by an outside accreditation organization since March 2018.

Project pipeline on Dec. 31st, 2023

€907 M

Value added to office assets (Group share, excl. duties) on Dec. 31st, 2023

€5.7 Bn

Value added to light industrials assets (Group share, excl. duties) on Dec. 31st, 2023

€0.7 Bn

Portfolio value (100%, excl. duties) on Dec. 31st, 2023

€6.8 Bn

Decrease in the carbon intensity of grey energy (construction stage) between 2019 and 2023


Value-creating synergies with the Development division

Leveraging synergies between our Commercial Property Investment and Development divisions is one pillar of the Icade integrated real estate operator strategy. The investmentteams, as investors and contracting authorities, work hand-in-hand with Icade Promotion, which steps in as deputy contracting authority.

 These synergies become reality in countless ambitious and innovative projects, such as Origine (a new, 69,000-m² urban island under construction in Nanterre) and Fresk (20,500 m² under renovation in Issy-les-Moulineaux).

Financial occupation rate on Dec. 31st, 2023