Building a corporate image and reputation requires a wholehearted and unwavering commitment to ethical principles and values.
Icade aims to be a company that is beyond reproach in upholding ethical standards by making them an integral part of its business.

Icade was founded on core values and continues to thrive because of its commitment to them. These values include ethical business practices as they hold the key to lasting success.

Séverine Floquet-Schmit

Executive Commitee member in charge of Audit, Risk, Compliance and Internal Control

Maintaining business ethics and being transparent with our stakeholders are core values at Icade.

Promoting fair, open and transparent competition as well as protecting the personal data entrusted to us and preventing fraud, corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing are all principles that underpin the company’s operational and financial practices.

Concrete measures have been put in place by the Compliance Department to address these issues.

Examples of these measures include Icade’s Code of Ethics and how it applies to the different divisions, employee training and a whistleblowing system.