Designing your dream apartment from the ground up, just like you would design a stand-alone house, is now possible!

Envisaged by Icade employees after one of the Innovathons organised in 2017, Imagin’Home is a bespoke service that enables you to design your home in accordance with your needs and wishes.

Practically speaking, how does Imagin’home work? Interested buyers can enter their preferences on a digital platform (number and size of rooms) for their future home. Teams at Icade will then work with them over a period of 6 to 9 months in order to turn their dreams into reality.

In addition, condominium unit owners are required to jointly decide what the common areas should include: a shared laundry room, meeting space, shared vegetable garden, etc. It is possible to design a building based on the needs of its residents.

To get the initiative off the ground, pilot projects have been implemented in three new-build schemes, namely one in Antony in the Paris region, one in Lyon and one in Six-Fours near Toulon.

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Charlotte Pajaud-Blanchard

Press Relations Officer

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