IK2, le chat de recrutement d'Icade

Icade’s Facebook page now features our first conversational chatbot dedicated to recruitment to meet the needs of applicants who are increasingly connected.


“What positions are you looking to fill?”, “Why should I apply for a job at Icade?”... these are just a few examples of questions that applicants ask themselves which IK2 can answer immediately using natural language.

Each year, Icade hires new employees on a permanent or fixed-term basis, new graduates, experienced professionals and specialised staff.

In order to simplify the user experience for our applicants, Icade has launched an innovative solution by digitising the recruitment process on the Facebook Messenger interface.

A bona fide virtual HR assistant, IK2 informs, assists and interacts with applicants looking for information about job openings at Icade.

This digital interface streamlines the application process and meets the needs of applicants who want real-time answers via their smartphones any time of the day or night.

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