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Icade is an integrated real estate company, operating both as an investor and as a developer

Leveraging talents at Icade

Joining Icade paves the way to multiple career development opportunities within the company. Professional mobility drives progress and has a direct impact on Icade's ambitions. Because this mobility requires preparation and support, the HR Department undertakes to:

  • Facilitate integration
  • Ensure training
  • Promote professional mobility opportunities
  • Reward employee performance

Facilitating integration

One of Icade's key HR priorities is to attract and keep talented employees. Arriving in a new company is difficult, so we are particularly attentive to the integration needs of new employees.

We welcome all new arrivals. We help them learn more about Icade and encourage them to criticise what they see constructively. Indeed, their first impression is particularly interesting for us, and it also helps them understand us better and adopt our mindset.

Ensuring training

Enhancing employee skills helps our staff progress and succeed, thereby directly impacting Icade's performance.

At Icade, training is no hollow promise. It is enshrined in our training policy. We hold regular management and performance appraisals to identify each employee's training needs. Managers forward these needs to the HR team several times a year, enabling fine-grained steering of training needs.

Promoting professional mobility opportunities

Promoting professional mobility means ensuring diversity within our teams, nurturing open-mindedness and understanding of our customers' needs.

At Icade, we believe that encouraging employee development is the best way to innovate and drive our business forward.

Employee skills are regularly appraised by their direct manager. In addition, we hold regular employee review meetings with at view to building a joint career development plan.

Rewarding employee performance

Icade owes its performance to the efforts made by its employees. Our policy is to link company performance to the talents and performance of our employees. Various means are used to achieve this:

  •  each employee receives a share of the company's profits as a special profit-share bonus,
  • each employee's individual talents are reflected in a salary increase determined annually or as the employee's career develops,
  • the performance bonus paid to each employee is directly linked to the results achieved by each company unit,
  • salaries for some positions include a variable component that is linked to achieving specific objectives or other criteria.