We bring the city to life - Icade is a company listed on the stock exchange, a subsidiary of the Caisse des Dépôts

Presentation of Icade

Icade, a listed real-estate investment company and Caisse des Dépôts subsidiary, is a major player in the Grand Paris regional development project. Icade has been building cities for over 60 years and offers global, sustainable and innovative solutions tailored to its customers’ requirements and the stakes facing cities of the future. In 2013 Silic teamed up with Icade to form the number one real-estate investment company in greater Paris.

Icade is the number one real-estate investment company in office space and business parks in France.

With assets valued at €9.1 billion, Icade is the number one real-estate investment company in office space and business parks in greater Paris, the number one real-estate investment company in healthcare and developer in major French cities. As an integrated and original real estate operator, Icade combines investment and property development with a clear vision and overall control over the projects it launches.
Icade operates throughout the country in seven regional divisions and 24 local offices.

Icade operations are long-term; Icade works to ensure cities are confident about the future

 Icade is a long-term partner building major projects in every leading French city. We build whole neighbourhoods. Our scope is vast and covers all the factors at stake in tomorrow’s city.

Icade is a leader in sustainable innovation

Icade leads at the cutting edge: we innovate with both our own assets and the property of our clients and continuously improve on our abilities. We implement “demonstration” projects to define and implement the best possible standards and practice of the future in energy savings. Our demonstration projects in new constructions, renovations and ecological neighbourhoods bring together professionals to design the city of the future. They guarantee the equilibrium of urban and real estate ecosystems in which our demonstration projects expand.

Icade is a fully-fledged city partner

Icade works with all stakeholders in towns and cities. Our clients, customers and partners come in all sizes and hail from both private and public sectors. We operate in every real estate business to meet the needs of our customers. Icade implements a wide and diverse range of real estate projects to help develop the city and all its functions:  work,  housing,  healthcare,  shopping,  studying  and leisure.

Icade. We bring life to the city.