Building for every future
Icade is an integrated real estate company, operating both as an investor and as a developer


 The world is changing. Major transformations are under way around the world, from the ageing of the population, to increased scarcity of resources, megacities, the product-service system, all-digital, new authorities and digitisation of uses.

 These new relationships with time, space, the body and authority have already had an impact on our markets, our clients and our businesses.





[Par grand visuel] Icade+10


Icade+10 : a real-estate open innovation approach

 Icade has initiated an innovation approach to anticipate changes and support clients and users in building the city of the future.

This innovation approach, called [ICADE]+10, is based on five themes and three pillars.

The five themes of the innovation approach:

  • Future cities
  • Future offices
  • Future homes
  • Future health
  • Our future company.

The three pillars of the innovation approach:

>The Icade Hub

>The ecosystem of start-ups

Industrial partnerships