Building for every future
Icade is an integrated real estate company, operating both as an investor and as a developer

Icade in short

As an investor and a developer, Icade is an integrated real estate player and designs innovative real estate products and services adapted to new urban lifestyles and habits.

By placing corporate social responsability and innovation at the core of its strategy, Icade is working closely with stakeholders and users in the cities -local authorities and communities, companies and employees, institutions and associations...

Building for every future

As a commercial and healthcare property investor (portfolio value of €9.7bn as of 12/31/16) and a property developer (2016 revenues of €1,005m), Icade is able to reinvent the real estate business and foster the emergence of tomorrow's greener, smarter and more responsible cities.

Icade is a significant player in the Greater Paris area and major French cities.

Our core values: boldness, solidarity and performance

Icade demonstrates its boldness in the size of its projects and in the architectural choices it makes, resulting in buildings that combine attractive design with high performance .
Thanks to our business model based on diversity, we design each of our real-estate projects together with all urban stakeholders  (elected officials, planners, transporters, network managers, residents, etc). Our cross-functional expertise gives us an overall view, whatever the nature of our involvement.
Icade performs highly on urban, economic, financial and environmental measures. We demonstrate our competence in the projects we build, the business parks we manage, at the height of energy efficiency. Our performance is also evidenced in our cost efficiency , which brings value to all our partners, as well as in our processes .