We bring the city to life - Icade is a company listed on the stock exchange, a subsidiary of the Caisse des Dépôts

Icade in short

As a French listed real estate investment company (SIIC) belonging to the Caisse des Dépôts Group, Icade is a major player in Greater Paris and territorial development. Icade is a key integrated property player capable of providing comprehensive, sustainable and innovative solutions that are tailored to customer needs and to the challenges of tomorrow’s cities.

With assets valued at €9.5 billion (as at 06/30/2016), Icade is a leading  real-estate investment company in office space and business parks in the greater Paris region , the number one real-estate investment company in healthcare in France, and a key partner of major French cities.

As an integrated and original real estate operator, Icade combines investment and property development  with a clear vision and overall control of the projects it launches. Icade operates throughout the country with five regional divisions and local offices, along the entire real-estate value chain.

Our mission: we bring life to the city

Icade is involved in commercial property and the promotion of offices, housing and public amenities, to support the development of major cities, the real-estate strategy of its large corporate clients and create value across the country.
By studying, anticipating, designing and building the city, by bringing urban diversity to commercial areas, Icade and its partners offer an integrated response to the main challenges of urban planning.
Icade’s experience of over sixty years is grounded in three core strengths: a solid financial position, enhanced skills and expertise, a well-established ability to innovate. With these strengths, Icade more than ever brings life to a more sustainable city on a human scale.

Our core values: boldness, solidarity and performance

Icade demonstrates its boldness in the size of its projects and in the architectural choices it makes, resulting in buildings that combine attractive design with high performance .
Thanks to our business model based on diversity, we design each of our real-estate projects together with all urban stakeholders  (elected officials, planners, transporters, network managers, residents, etc). Our cross-functional expertise gives us an overall view, whatever the nature of our involvement.
Icade performs highly on urban, economic, financial and environmental measures. We demonstrate our competence in the projects we build, the business parks we manage, at the height of energy efficiency. Our performance is also evidenced in our cost efficiency , which brings value to all our partners, as well as in our processes .