We bring the city to life - Icade is a company listed on the stock exchange, a subsidiary of the Caisse des Dépôts
A city that studies
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Our vision of a city that studies

The dynamic power, balance and performance of tomorrow's cities depend on the dynamic power of education and research today.

Partnering education and research establishments

As a subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts with specific expertise in public-private partnerships, we are an ideal partner for education and research establishments. Our expertise in the complementary domains of property investment and development ensures that we can provide long-term support.

Promoting renovation and construction of educational buildings

We have the skills necessary to ensure end-to-end management of construction, renovation and refurbishment projects concerning school and university buildings. As such, we provide a unique, reliable and stable point of contact for local authority representatives.

Enhancing the value of university property assets

We also leverage our property investment expertise to help universities promote and enhance the value of their assets, within the scope of the law pertaining to their financial autonomy, thereby generating new funds for supporting education and research.

Aware of the supreme importance of education and research, we leverage our skills to help public authority players manage their property projects and enable effective development of education and research infrastructures. In this domain as in others, we are committed to supporting local and national policy decisions to promote regional development.