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A city that shops
  • Le Millénaire

    Aubervilliers (93)

    Shopping centres

  • Marques avenue

    Colmar (68)

    Shopping centres

Our vision of a city that shops

Shopping centres form the dynamic heart of a city, a bustling centre of activity where people can meet up, spend time together and discover something new.

Like in Aubervilliers (93), where "Le Millénaire", a new shopping centre opened on 26 April 2011, offers visitors a shopping and leisure experience on the banks of the Saint-Denis canal.

Innovative, sustainable shopping centres

Our shopping centres are oriented towards the future. They are sited in high potential areas and designed with sustainable development concerns in mind. Icade is a pioneer in this domain, notably given its involvement in a pilot HQE® certification scheme for its new "Le Millénaire" shopping centre in Aubervilliers.

Icade has long worked hand-in-hand with local authorities

Our shopping centres are proof of our long-term commitment. Once the idea has been launched, it takes between five and ten years for a shopping centre to see the light of day. During this time, we ensure ongoing dialogue with our multiple partners, including elected representatives, investors, architects, shops, and future users.

Our extensive expertise mean that we are involved in all aspects of the project, including the design, construction, financing and subsequent management of the shopping centre. Our cross-functional skills in property investment, development and management enable us to define appropriate, targeted marketing strategies that enhance and maintain the value of the shopping centre.

Icade drives urban renewal

The inauguration of a new shopping centre is an important event in the life of a city. It creates jobs and meeting places for local residents, and gives a dynamic new heart to the city and region.

Focusing on shopping centre business means leveraging our urban property management expertise and our vision of a dynamic, heterogeneous and socially responsible city.

We build on each city's own strategic development priorities to select the most promising site, close to major road networks and current and future public transport hubs.