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A city that cares
  • Hôpital Saint-Jacques

    Nantes (44)

    Healthcare facilities

  • Clinique Armand Brillard

    Nogent-sur-Marne (94)

    Healthcare facilities

Our vision of city that cares

Healthcare facilities are high-tech buildings where human life is a central concern. They therefore need a high performance environment.

Like in Saint-Nazaire, where Icade had invested in and had developed the Cité Sanitaire, an 800-bed hospital that provide the best medical services in the region.

High-tech buildings where human life is a central concern

Day and night, healthcare facilities welcome and shelter patients and their families, medical teams, and administrative and technical staff. They dispense treatment that requires high-tech equipment, but must also look to control their costs. All these parameters must be taken into account when designing the building or preparing for renovation work, in order to ensure the sustainability of the building's response to these needs.

Over 30 years, Icade's technical expertise has been enhanced by its involvement in extremely demanding projects

Our team boasts 200 healthcare experts. We are proud to be the leading healthcare property investor in France, with a portfolio that includes 59 clinics. We have a stake in half of France's university hospitals and one in three of the country's hospitals. We ensure ongoing dialogue with our customers and partners, which enables us to pre-empt changes in medical practice, integrate new approaches to organisation and management, stay abreast of the population's changing needs, and build evolutive buildings of guaranteed architectural and environmental quality that are tailored to their urban environment.

We can achieve all this because our expertise in this sector has been honed over 30 years. For us, healthcare will always be both a strategic priority and a development concern. We lead the market in terms of property investment and development in the healthcare and medical-social sectors.