We bring the city to life - Icade is a company listed on the stock exchange, a subsidiary of the Caisse des Dépôts
A city for living in
  • Le Parc Montesquieu

    Bordeaux-Caudéran (33)


  • Le Clos Saint-Michel

    Chevilly-Larue (94)


  • Swing Park

    Lyon (69)


Our vision of city for living in

Living in a city means adopting a specific lifestyle for all the family. At a time when energy efficiency and sustainable development are key priorities, new housing makes a new lifestyle possible.

Like in Strasbourg, where Icade developed "Les Villas Claras", the first collective housing unit to receive certification as a low energy building where no fossil fuels are used.

Addressing diverse needs

Cities are social melting pots that now house over half the world's population. They must address the diverse needs of all their residents and include appropriate living space.

Property solutions that guarantee well-being

We develop collective housing and accommodation for senior citizens. All of our residential properties are designed to meet the specific day-to-day needs of their residents in terms of comfort and facilities. Our properties are ideally situated, close to city centres and public transport hubs. The range of neighbourhood services available help residents adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

Engaging in sustainable development

Energy efficiency is now a key concern. We are particularly attentive as regards managing water and energy consumption, as well as integrating greenery and biodiversity. As such, living in an Icade property means both espousing and promoting sustainable development priorities.