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Icade is an integrated real estate company, operating both as an investor and as a developer

New habits, lifestyles and partnership with local authorities and communities


Mixed-use development project Atelier de Vaugirard – 15th district of Paris

The upheavals facing the real estate sector, whether technological, environmental or social, have profoundly changed habits and lifestyles. Icade sees these transformations as an opportunity to offer innovative solutions tailored to changes in personal and professional life while ensuring its users comfort, quality of life and high environmental performance.

Our main actions : 

Innovating with employees and the ecosystem of stakeholders

Icade’s approach to innovation focuses on creating new products and services to improve the quality of life of users and to identify solutions having a positive social and environmental impact. Innovation also constitutes a driving force for improvement in the company’s internal processes. The approach has been co-designed by Icade’s intrapreneur community and its external partners—local communities, a network of start-ups, schools, companies—as part of an open approach (Open Innovation). 27 solutions resulting from the innovation process are already offered to customers (a social network for residents, digital concierge services, ride-sharing, an eco-friendly laundry service, etc.) and a budget of €3 million over two years is dedicated to solutions developed by intrapreneurs.

Airlab: innovative solutions to improve indoor air quality

Icade joined the Airparif association, an air quality expert. Members from this association came together to create Airlab for the purpose of offering innovative air quality solutions. With Veolia and several start-ups, Icade is testing a new generation of sensors to measure and manage indoor air quality. The purpose of this pioneering project in France is to improve monitoring and communication with the occupants and to find new ways to make improvements for better indoor air quality. 

Improving occupants’ quality of life and adapting to new habits and lifestyles

Icade offers innovative service solutions to adapt its offices, dwellings and healthcare facilities to today’s new lifestyles and habits:

  • Solutions for commercial properties:   Icade developed a quality-of-life programme for business parks (areas, tools and services promoting business relationships and well-being, happiness managers) and “Immobilier 3.0”, which provides flexible office space:  Smartdesk (office space for mobile workers), GrowUp (start-up accelerator) and WorkUp (modular offices on flexible terms);
  • Solutions for residential units:  Icade has invented new solutions: “BiHome” (a housing concept which includes a separate area that could accommodate a friend or relative or be used as an office for teleworking), “Auton’home” (participative housing) and a project for setting up a mini social networking platform in the condominiums;
  • Solutions for healthcare facilities:  Icade keeps pace with changes in the sector by designing facilities with optimised space so as to guarantee patient comfort and the efficiency of outpatient services.

A programme of excellence for business parks

In January 2018, Icade launched the new “Business Park of Excellence” label, which includes more than 200 indicators on the pilot site of the Paris-Orly-Rungis business park.

3 major challenges:

  • CSR excellence , with a focus on developing new green space (urban farm, shared gardens, etc.), renewable energy and making soft and connected mobility available (electric shuttle buses and carsharing).
  • Quality of life , with the creation of a Village Square, a centrally located spot where business park users can meet and relax, the development of high-quality food services and the introduction of healthcare and fitness centres.
  • Developing sharing and learning business communities , with the creation of a digital platform updated by a happiness manager to allow tenants to exchange ideas in communities grouped by shared interests or professional activity, the official opening of a Smartroom in the Rungis business park and a new area designed to accommodate inter-company events.

Assisting customers in matters of environmental performance

Icade helps its customers in the commercial segment improve their environmental performance through “green lease committees”. Real places where information can be exchanged, these committees make it possible to collectively set goals and introduce action plans on energy, carbon, water and waste while allowing tenants and owners to share best practices. New home and office buyers are also made aware of environmentally-friendly practices through user guides.

Participating in local economic and social development

Icade assists local authorities with their employment and professional integration policies. The Property Development Division has become involved through the signing of local employment charters and the inclusion of professional integration commitments for all major construction projects. Icade employees have become personally involved in sponsoring young job seekers from deprived urban areas, in partnership with the Nos quartiers ont des talents  association (“Our Neighbourhoods Have Talent”).

Icade is committed to promoting diversity in its real estate developments. Out of the 85 projects under construction in 2018, 20% include social diversity measures, 19% include functional diversity measures and 7% include age diversity measures. With this in mind, Icade designed the “Mix’Cité” programme:

“Mix’Cité” programme

Icade’s new Mix’Cité solution offers a threefold advantage—economic, social and societal. Its principles include developing projects at the centre of small and medium-sized cities, combining several complementary products (social housing, low-cost ownership units, residences for seniors or students, nursing homes, medical services, etc.). This approach makes it possible to meet the needs of diverse communities by pooling the cost of the facilities and services. It also promotes social diversity and interaction.

Reinforcing our responsible procurement policy

Since 2015, all new service provision contracts for the Commercial Property Investment Division and all new construction projects in the Property Development Division have included a responsible procurement charter. These responsible procurement charters require contractors and suppliers to commit to employment and integration, prevention of corruption, compliance with labour standards, respect for human rights, prevention of environmental risks and pollution, protection of health and the environment, use of sustainable resources and fair commercial practices.

In 2016, Icade launched an evaluation process for the Commercial Property Investment Division’s main suppliers and in 2017 and in 2018, 100% of them were evaluated, thus meeting the goal which was set.

Ensuring business ethics

A cornerstone of sound relationships with its customers and suppliers, Icade places great importance on business ethics. Icade has implemented a strong approach based on a Code of Ethics, measures to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism and an anti-corruption policy including the provisions of the Sapin II law. This approach is managed by a Compliance Department and an independent internal compliance officer who ensures monitoring by setting up control points. A whistleblower system has been implemented for employees and mandatory training is organised on a regular basis for employees identified as ‘at risk’.


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