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CSR Governance

CSR Governance

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Icade’s CSR strategy is led at the highest level of the company by a strong governance structure, as part of a long-term approach.

Icade’s CSR governance is developed and coordinated by four bodies:

  • The Audit, Risk and Sustainable Development Committee, which reports to the Board of Directors, ensures the effectiveness of the internal control and risk management systems, analyses the separate and consolidated financial statements and sees to it that CSR commitments are met. The Committee is made up of five directors, including three independent directors.
  • The CSR Advisory Committee, which brings together representatives of Icade’s stakeholders (customers, service providers, shareholders, experts, sociologists, etc.) as well as the Executive Committee and the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Its purpose is to advise, in a collegial manner, on the company’s CSR priorities. This bears witness to Icade’s determination to reinforce its CSR strategy by bringing it face-to-face with all its stakeholders.
  • The Executive Committee defines Icade’s CSR strategy. Three of its members are each tasked with directing one of the components of this strategy (environmental, social and societal, and CSR communication).
  • The CSR Committee monitors and adjusts the implementation of CSR commitments. It is chaired by the CEO and is made up of three members of the Executive Committee in charge of CSR, Icade’s divisional heads and heads of support functions and four thematic coordinators.

Implementing CSR initiatives and commitments is managed by the four thematic coordinators (Environment, Social, Societal and Communication), who report to the members of the Executive Committee in charge of CSR. Implementing CSR initiatives is carried out by six divisional representatives supported by a network of 44 persons in charge of ensuring the implementation of specific CSR initiatives.


CSR Organisation


To enable each employee to fully embrace the CSR strategy, all managers have clear objectives in terms of innovation and CSR and 10% of the Executive Committee members’ variable remuneration is contingent upon meeting CSR and innovation objectives. This incentive-based approach will be gradually broadened to include all employees.