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Icade is an integrated real estate company, operating both as an investor and as a developer

Urban development: creating the city of the future

Plessis-Botanique local authority development, La Riche (37)

Plessis-Botanique local authority development, La Riche (37) ©Treuttel-Garcia-Treuttel/Composante Urbaine

Icade is a driving force behind urban development. For our urban development schemes, we deploy a full range of expertise gained through our experience on the ground. We work in close co-operation with city authorities to oversee the most complex schemes, from planning and operational stages through to completion of projects on behalf of our public- and private-sector clients.

Initial development and realisation of urban schemes

Icade works with city authorities on major development schemes. Icade can fulfil the role of developer contractor or developer partner on the initial development of projects and their implementation. Icade’s property investment businesses also allow it to assess the potential value of sites and to create long-term opportunities.

Icade is fully engaged in the development of cities, and puts together its schemes and projects with three main concerns in mind:

  • finding urban solutions that suit their context, are designed for the long term, and give a major role to innovation,
  • finding property products suited to the needs of today, and which lead the way in energy efficiency and sustainable development,
  • improving ways of working with public bodies and organisations (public/private partnerships, public institutions, “portage foncier” agreements, etc.).

Upstream consultancy services

Icade carries out feasibility and orientation studies at the start of urban development projects. This research means we are constantly enriching and updating our approach to urban planning and property valuation.
Sustainable development is always an integral part of the process, at every stage of planning.

Operational management, help with project management

Icade has a team of urban developers and consultants with more than 15 years’ experience of developments on the ground, particularly through their work on major urban projects. Icade also draws on this expertise for its own development projects.