Building for every future
Icade is an integrated real estate company, operating both as an investor and as a developer

A key partner in the charitable and medical-social sectors

Le Clos Saint-Michel, Chevilly-Larue (94)

Le Clos Saint-Michel, Chevilly-Larue (94) ©Cabinet Renaud-Vignaud et Associés/Valero-Gadan

As a partner of charities, major foundations, mutual insurance companies and hospital centres, Icade develops establishments suited to the needs of dependent seniors.
We intervene in a wide range of areas: advice and support with the initial stages of technical and administrative aspects, support with project management, property development contract, general engineering.

Housing that meets the specific and changing needs of seniors

Having spent a long time considering in issues of housing for seniors, Icade is helping design the first interregional gerontological centres combining care, training and research.

The lives of seniors

Icade develops dedicated housing designed specifically to meet the needs of seniors. They are located in the centres of communities, close to shops, services, healthcare facilities, transport links and nursing homes. This ensures that residents can live there in the long term.

With a range of property products specially adapted to the reception and housing of seniors, Icade develops structured, evolving solutions to meet individual needs.

Projects that bring together many different partners

On average, one in five establishments for seniors is the result of a partnership between Icade and charities, major foundations, mutual insurance companies and hospital centres.

An environmental approach:  Icade has the right to use the quality title “NF Bâtiments tertiaire-Démarche HQE® ” for commercial development projects throughout France.