Building for every future
Icade is an integrated real estate company, operating both as an investor and as a developer

Nationwide office property developer


Le Thémis in Paris 17

At the heart of the business districts of the Paris region and major urban areas in France, Icade imagines, builds, redevelops and markets unique, eco-friendly office space for large firms.

Pioneering property developer committed to a sustainable commercial segment

Icade develops all of its offices using HQE certification standards® or an equivalent approach for their sale or leasing.

Icade is the first property developer to obtain SMG certification for commercial buildings in the Paris region. Today, Icade holds the “NF Commercial Buildings-HQE Approach” certification throughout France.

A wide variety of options:

For new construction or redevelopment of all types of offices (headquarters, high-rise office buildings, etc.) Icade proposes:

  • Off-plan sales
  • Property development contracts
  • Delegated project management

Our references in office development

Our references in office development: