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Icade is an integrated real estate company, operating both as an investor and as a developer

Property developer for all your real estate projects

A full-service French property development company, Icade works in close collaboration with local authorities thanks to its 19 local offices. Its expertise in all phases of the real estate value chain enables Icade to meet its customers’ every need. Icade develops commercial and residential projects, large-scale public amenities and healthcare facilities, while putting into practice its expertise in the field of urban planning.

Icade works in close collaboration with investors, users and local authorities to actively participate in urban planning and develop residential, commercial and public facilities in the French cities and regions.

In the commercial segments, Icade deepens the synergies between its property development and property investment activities, while further developing its relationships with external investors.

Icade’s environmental commitments combine a strict property certification policy, ambitious goals for the reduction of energy consumption and a clear desire to improve people’s quality of life in situ , by paying particular attention to projects’ location and additional services. As part of its sustainable development policy, Icade now holds the French NF HQE® certification for both its commercial and residential segments throughout France. 

● 1st French property developer in the commercial segment.

● 6th property developer in the residential segment, among the highest scoring in CSR by GRESB in 2016.

●  National coverage with 19 locations in France.

●  Exclusive property developer of the Commercial and Healthcare Property Investment Divisions working in synergy with them.

●  Since 2006, Icade has accounted for 100,000  sq.m/year on average in the office market; it has a residential land portfolio of more than €2.2 bn.

●  A backlog of €1,597 m (including €1,058 m in housing units), rigorous in terms of CSR: HQE® certification for 100 % of office units and 35 % of housing units by 2018 ; customer satisfaction index: +33 % between 2015 and 2018.