Building for every future
Icade is an integrated real estate company, operating both as an investor and as a developer

Promoter of all your real estate projects

A fully operational national promoter, Icade is involved in the field thanks to its 20 local branches. Its skills throughout the entire real estate value chain enable Icade to support its clients in all their requirements. Icade thus develops projects for offices , shopping centres , housing , large-scale public facilities  and health establishments  and also offers expert appraisals in the field of urban planning .

The Icade teams work in close cooperation with investors, users and the local communities to actively contribute to the planning and development of the residential, tertiary and public fabric of cities and regions.

Icade develops in-depth synergies in the tertiary segments and in its promotion activities with its real estate branch  whilst at the same time developing relationships with external investors.

The environmental obligations of Icade combine a strict asset certification policy, ambitious aims to reduce energy consumption and a clear desire to improve the quality of life in situ , paying particular attention to the location of projects and additional services. Within the framework of its sustainable development policy, Icade currently possesses the user’s right to "NF HQE procedure” all over France  both for the tertiary sector and for housing.