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IT solution: iPorta software suite

The iPorta software suite offers a solution for every property business: asset, property and facility management. The iPorta software suite helps boost the property performance and growth of commercial businesses. It offers a standardising, structuring system that is essential in order to handle the complexity of activities, the interactivity between the different businesses and the quantity of information distributed between various stakeholders and databases.

A collaborative platform

The iPorta software suite is a flexible information and management system that can be adapted to evolving needs. It fulfils the management, governance and cost control aspects of public and private property assets in order to achieve their optimal use, taking into account the important issues of sustainable development and energy management.

The iPorta suite offers:

  • portal technology for a single point of access to online information,
  • a structured and customisable frame of reference to easily describe any property asset from several viewpoints,
  • IT processes that can be modelled and adapted to each organisation,
  • document storage to organise all property data,
  • a welcoming communications area with a range of tools allowing users to view and edit information,
  • a high-performance reporting area to process all data output from the iPorta suite and interfacing systems.

Property management software with extended functionality

iPorta offers the essential core functions, innovative and proven solutions tested by thousands of users to:

  • establish better relations between residents, suppliers, administrators and owners,
  • facilitate access to information and enable it to be used more quickly,
  • structure the execution of business processes to enhance performance,
  • allow better, easier use of a wide variety of complex documents,
  • provide accessible visuals of the property under management,
  • make use of high-performance steering tools,
  • achieve improved productivity.

The iPorta software suite is a safe investment that rapidly repays the outlay in time savings, economies of scale and improved productivity.

Among our clients:

  • Major French businesses :  Atos Origin, Banque de France, EDF, Groupama, L’Oréal, Orange, Renault, SNCF, Spie Communications, Total,
  • As well as large property developments : Parc du Millénaire , Parc Saint-Christophe, Tour First, Tour Atlantique, Tour Franklin, Tour Initiale, Ensemble Immobilier Tour Maine-Montparnasse, Tour Olivier-de-Serres, Tour Winterthur.