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Managing agent of commercial properties: full management of every aspect of joint ownership

Managing agent of commercial properties

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Managing agent services for commercial property is one of Icade's three Property Management businesses.  Icade manages the common interests of commercial property complexes as assets, from the most simple to the most complicated. With its extensive expertise and experience, Icade handles all technical, financial and environmental issues relating to its clients’ assets.

We offer our customers tailored managing agent services for joint ownership suited to the needs of complex commercial buildings:

  • representation of joint owners in relations with authorities,
  • administrative and legal management (legal proceedings, insurance, legal assistance, administration of the joint ownership through committee meetings and general meetings),
  • accounts and financial management (accounts relating to the managing agent services, invoicing of expenses, management of cash flow, statements of expenses, collection of accounts due),
  • technical management (preparation of operating budgets, management of charges, steering of technical services, management of contracts, preparation and management of works to be carried out over several years),
  • management of building and resident services, etc.