We bring the city to life - Icade is a company listed on the stock exchange, a subsidiary of the Caisse des Dépôts

Residential and commercial property transactions: renting and selling in the best conditions

Residential and commercial property transactions

Icade works with its customers throughout the property transaction process for their offices or residential properties: financial valuations, legal and administrative preparation of the sale, keeping the buyers informed until the sale goes through. Icade helps you with the sale of your residential properties, lot by lot, and with your search for new offices.

Residential property transactions

For nearly 30 years, Icade has been marketing the residential assets of major property groups, property investment companies, developers and operators in the social housing sector, guaranteeing tailored, confidential support for its clients. With in-depth knowledge of the market, its expertise makes it one of the leaders in France in the sale of residential properties on behalf of institutional clients.

Icade offers a solution for each type of sale:

  • arbitrage for the sale by lots,
  • sale to occupants,
  • surveying for the sale of new housing, a decisive stage in the residential property process,
  • “bringing together” Icade’s expertise on the sale of large volumes.