We bring the city to life - Icade is a company listed on the stock exchange, a subsidiary of the Caisse des Dépôts

Icade business parks: five growth hubs for greater Paris

Pont de Flandre business park

Pont de Flandre business park - © J. Urquijo

Icade is building the city of the future. The company boasts outstanding business parks throughout the greater Paris region.

Icade business parks boast diversity, combinations and services, all underpinned by a sustainable development objective.

Thanks to its business parks in five major development hubs throughout the greater Paris region, Icade is closely associated with three strategic development areas in the Grand Paris project given particular value thanks to Grand Paris Express: the North-East in Roissy-Charles de Gaulle and the Plaine Commune area, the West in La Défense-Nanterre and South in Orly-Rungis. Icade is a stakeholder in five regional development contracts for the Grand Paris project that the French government considers strategic in terms of economic and cultural development: Roissy-Villepinte, Saint-Denis-Pleyel, La Défense-Nanterre, Val-de-France-Gonesse and Orly-Val-de-Bièvre.

Icade's business parks

  • Paris - La Défense - Nanterre

    • Icade's Parc La Défense Nanterre Seine

      Icade's Parc La Défense
      Nanterre Seine

      94, 200 sq. m constructed, 20 buildings occupied by more than 80 tenants

  • Paris - Saint-Denis<br/>Aubervilliers

    • Business parc Icade Le Pont de Flandre

      Icade's Parc
      Le Pont de Flandre

      91,000 sq. m of offices and business premises, 9 buildings, 5,000 sq. m of landscaped gardens.

    • Business parc Icade Saint-Denis

      Icade's Parc

      45, 697 sq. m constructed, 20,745 sq.m under construction, 3 buildings

    • Business parc Icade Le Mauvin

      Icade's Parc
      Le Mauvin

      21,916 sq. m of premises on 3,7 hectares

    • Business parc Icade Les Portes de Paris

      Icade's Parc
      Les Portes de Paris

      312,000 sq.m of offices and businesses, 70 buildings, 280 companies and about 10,000 employees.

    • Business parc Icade Le Millénaire

      Icade's Parc
      Le Millénaire

      145,000 sq. m of offices constructed, 70,000 sq. m under construction, 56,000 sq. m of shops.

  • Roissy - Paris Nord 2

    • Business parc Icade Roissy-Paris Nord 2

      Icade's Parc
      Roissy-Paris Nord 2

      155,200 sq. m constructed, 28 buildings occupied by more than 102 tenants.

  • Paris - Orly-Rungis

    • Business parc Icade Paris Orly-Rungis

      Icade's Parc
      Paris Orly-Rungis

      402,000 sq. m constructed, 12,000 sq. m under construction, 54,000 sq. m at planning stage, 67 buildings occupied by 220 tenants.