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Icade is an integrated real estate company, operating both as an investor and as a developer

Office segment in the Paris region: the cornerstone of Icade’s Commercial Property Investment business


"Tour PB5" à Paris-La Défense.

Icade carries out investment activities in the office real estate segment in the most appealing cities in the Paris region. The offices owned by Icade are unique, eco-friendly locations. They are home to well-known tenants.

● 33  operating office buildings (1)

●  Assets are mainly located in the Paris region (2): 43 % in La Défense, 6 % in Paris, 30 % in Inner and Outer Rings, 18 % in Other Western Crescent, 3 % outside the Paris region

●  With €4 bn, offices represent 41 % of total portfolio value

● 546,333  sq.m total floor area of operating assets

●  Annual rental income of €166.2 m (3)

●  Weighted average unexpired lease term at 5.9 years

●  Occupancy rate of 95.8 %

● 153 tenants

● 85 % of office properties are HQE/BREEAM certified

● 60 % of office properties are equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles

Icade owns office buildings representing a total leasable floor area of 529,656 sq.m as of December 31, 2016. These assets are mainly located in Paris, La Défense, the Western Crescent and Villejuif.

[Par grand visuel] Tour EQHO - Paris La Défense (92)

Tour EQHO - Paris La Défense (92)

All our office references

All our office references: