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Icade is an integrated real estate company, operating both as an investor and as a developer

Icade business parks: five drivers for economic growth in Greater Paris

Parc Icade Orly-Rungis

Parc Icade Orly-Rungis

Icade builds the city of tomorrow. The company holds a unique portfolio of business parks located all around the Paris region. 

Icade holds business parks, mainly composed of offices or business premises, in Paris (19th district), Saint-Denis, Aubervilliers, Rungis, Paris-Nord, Colombes, and Fresnes.

● 8  business parks (Orly/Rungis, Portes de Paris, Millénaire, Pont de Flandre, Le Mauvin, Paris-Nord 2, Colombes, Fresnes)

● 100  % of business parks are located in the Paris(1) region: Inner and Outer Ring(2)

● With €3.6  bn, business parks represent 41  % of total portfolio value

● 1,158,100  sq.m total floor area of operating assets

●  Annual rental income of €188.8  m (3)

●  Weighted average unexpired lease term at 3.7  years

●  Occupancy rate of 89.3  %

● 7147  tenants

● 44  % of business parks are HQE/BREEAM certified and 93  % received the EcoJardin label

●  65  % of business parks are equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles

NB : On a 100% basis

(1) Excluding public-private partnerships and assets under preliminary purchase agreements (2) Based on estimated market value, on a 100% basis (3) IFRS annualised rental income including ANF (excluding hotels)

On July 5, 2016, Icade launched "Coach Your Growth with Icade", a far-reaching plan to improve quality of life within business parks.

Three commitments to tenant companies and their employees.

1. Vibrant business parks fostering excellence 

Icade has engaged in a transformation in the structure of its business parks in order to offer higher quality and to make them more functional and efficient, by focusing on 3 improvement areas.

2. Better quality of life and work

Icade creates convivial spaces and makes new services available to the tenants.

3. A sharing and learning community:

Icade provides its tenant companies with tools to help them develop business relationships within their community.

Bespoke real estate solutions to support businesses in their growth journey

With Real Estate 3.0, Icade has designed a unique real estate offering that meets the requirements of all types of companies and allows the business community to truly become a talent incubator. 

This offering is based 3 pillars: Grow Up (formerly "Maison des start-up"), Smartdesk (office space solution for mobile workers), Work'up.